Astrophysics Seminar  - winter term 2016:

Time & Room (if not changed in the announcement) - Wednesday 14:30  Viktor Franz Hess Haus 8/18
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Date Speaker Title
05th October 2016
12th October
Norbert Przybilla
19th October

26th October
National Holiday

02nd November
All Soul's Day

09th November

16th November
23rd November
Prof. Dr. M. Dimitrijevic
 Astromundus Guest Lecture
30th November
Prof. Dr. M. Dimitrijevic
 Astromundus Guest Lecture
07th December Prof. Dr. M. Dimitrijevic Astromundus Guest Lecture
14th December
Sreevarsha Sreejith
Quantifying Galaxy Structure
11th January 2017

18th January
Matthias Kondrak
PhD Progress Report
25th January
Ines Juvan
Multicolor Photometry of Transiting Extrasolar Planets
01st February
bachelor seminar: