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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Harald Stadler
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Head of the field of Archaeology of the Middle Ages and the Modern Period

Telefon: +43 512 507 37505

 Born 1959, studied Pre- and Protohistory, Classic Archaeology and History of the Medieval at the University of Innsbruck, 1985 Ph.D.

Freelance employee of the Federal Monument Agency, Region: East and North Tyrol; project scientist of the request for research funds: "Mesolithic Hunting  Lodge on Mount Hirschbichl, Parish. St. Jacob in Defereggental" ; permanent employee of the administrative office of the Tyrolean federal state government Dep. IV;  archaeologist for Vienna City Council as well as for the research-project "Archaeology, and Construction Ananalys at the Italien, Trient Cathedral"; employed at the Federal Ministry of Science and Research.

Since 1992 University Assistant at the Institut for Classic Archaeology of the Middle Ages and the Modern Period, University of Innsbruck.
2000 Habilitation – Assistant Professor specialising in Classic Archaeology of the Middle Ages and the Modern Period. Habilitation "Investigation of Contemporary Ceramic Production in Pustertal. As shown in the pottery Höfer-Troger-Steger in Abfaltersbach, East Tyrol. Vol. 1 - The Family History, Buildings, and Pottery Technical Inventory. Vol. 2 - The Notebooks 1879-1941."

4. Oktober 2000 nomination  to University Associate Professor.
Since 1.10.2010 nomination to University Professor.
2013 - 2017: director of the Institute of Archeologies.
Since 2017: head of the field of Archaeology of the Middle Ages and the Modern Period.

Since 2016 advisor of the council of the Alpine Research Center Obergurgl University Innsbruck.

Exploratory focus:

Pre- and Protohistory of the inneralpine area, Archaeology of the Middle Ages and the Modern Period.

Since 2000 co- and since 2005 sole publisher of the in-house book serials "Nearchos" and "Praearchos".



 Vita and Lecturing

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Thematical focus (ger.)

Burial ground Volders, Early Middle Ages
Frozen Pasts
Glacial Archaeology
The healer of Strad-forest, Tarrenz
The Cossacks
Archaeology of the Modern Period
Montafon, Alpe Spora
Parish church Volders
Castle Lengberg
School project Volders

Academic Cooperations (international linklist)   

Anthropology/Human medicine
Staatssammlung für Anthropologie und Paläoanatomie München (State collection for Anthropology and Palaeo anatomy), Munic, Germany
Institut für Gerichtliche Medizin der Medizinischen Universität Innsbruck (Institute of Legal Medicine, Innsbruck Medical University), Austria 

Textile- und Leathercrafts
ABT, Institute for Archaeology, Innsbruck, Austria
Research Institute for Textile Chemistry and Textile Physics, Dornbirn, Austria
The Abegg-Foundation, Riggisberg, Switzerland
Gentle craft - shoemuseum, Lausanne, Switzerland

Archaeology of the Middle Ages
Bundesdenkmalamt (Federal Monument Agency),  Austria
Castle Lengberg, Austria
Castle Tirol, Italy
Monte Iato, Italy
Müstair, Switzerland
Stadtarchäologie Hall i. T. (Municipal archaeology Hall in Tyrol), Austria
Medium Aevum Quotidianum, Krems, Austria
Niedertor et servitus
, Italiy

Archaeology of the Modern Period
Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Kriegsfolgenforschung (Ludwig Boltzmann Research Institute for the follow-ups of wars),  Graz, Austria
Österreichisches Schwarzes Kreuz (Austrian Black Cross), Austria
Museumspartner, Innsbruck, Austria
Center for Russia at the University of Innsbruck, Austria
Alexander Solzhenitsyn Centre for the Study of the Russian Diaspora Moscow, Russia
Kuban University Krasnodar, Russia
Public Museum Milwaukee, USA

Aufbauwerk der Jugend, Schloss Lengberg, Nikolsdorf     folder

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