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The transition from military base to civilian settlement in the archaeological record

23rd to 25th October 2014
Zentrum für Alte Kulturen, Innsbruck/Austria

Tthe department „Archaeology of the Roman Provinces“ of the Institute of Archaeologies of the University of Innsbruck (Austria) will host a symposium from 23rd to 25th October 2014 on the theme:
„The transition from military base to civilian settlement in the archaeological record“

The matter arose from the processing of recent excavations in Bregenz (Austria), which brought to light remains of an Early Imperial fort below subsequent civilian buildings. Relating to this transition period, a well-preserved flat wood construction integrated into the main thoroughfare of the first civilian settlement phase is of special interest. Both the wood material itself (boards and tetragonal beams) and the predominantly early dendrochronological dates argue for a secondary use of construction timber originating from the dismantling of the fort.

The various processes, which designate the transition from military to civilian assignation of an area will be key issues of the symposium. Within the sphere of interest are aspects like the preconditions (e.g. position at an important traffic junction), the principles (public or private reuse of the former military ground, transformation of the settlement into a civitas capital etc.) and the protagonists of such a development. As indicated by the title of the symposium, the papers should focus on the archaeological remains of this transition period. These include on the one hand specific features of systematic dismantling and levelling activities as well as features of overlying civilian building structures. On the other hand, this fundamental change of character of a settlement can also become manifest in the small finds, resulting from a partial replacement of the population in consequence of the withdrawal of a garrison and its entourage. Apart from the archaeological sources, the historical and juridical aspects of the transition from military to civilian ground should be taken into account
as well.

Interested persons are invited to apply for a paper (duration 20 min) via e-mail (see the address at the bottom of the page) before 31st May 2014. Together with the application You are requested to deliver an abstract of not more than 250 words. The lectures may be held in English or German.
The publication of the symposium-papers will take place within our Institute’s monograph series “IKARUS”. For organisational purposes visitors should also announce their attendance before 31st August 2014.

The organizers
Gerald Grabherr / Julia Kopf / Karl Oberhofer

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