COVID 19 - Corona at the workplace
Safety precautions and hygiene regulations

We'll be considerate of each other! In order to be able to work together safely at our university, it is important to strictly follow the following safety measures for the protection of colleagues and for your own protection. Many thanks!

Gemeinsam bleiben wir gesund!


Safety distance and masks

Distanz halten

If distances of more than 1.5 m to other persons can be and are maintained, it is not necessary to wear masks.

If only a minimum distance between 1 m and 1.5 m can be maintained, masks must be worn.

Distances below 1 m are to be avoided under all circumstances.

It is possible to wear self-made/private masks (except in special laboratory areas)

Mund Nasen Schutz

If no self-made/private masks are available, masks for employees are distributed for every departement/organisational unit at mask distribution points (see SharePoint SiGe for schedule)

Distribution quota: 10 masks per employee for a 3 week period, certain groups will get FFP2 masks

Masks issued by the university are for the exclusive use of employees in a professional setting and not for private use


If symptoms of COVID-19 occur: no work at university sites

Symptome von COVID-19o Upon occurrence of COVID 19 symptoms, the person affected and/or the person(s) who has/have had direct contact with the person affected must immediately contact the university physician ( EX 21006), who will decide on the further course of action.

o Whether the person with signs of COVID 19 can independently make the journey home must be sorted out.

The premises and sanitary facilities in the immediate vicinity of the person subject to the disease must be cleaned and disinfected.

It must be ensured that the person(s) or the cleaning personnel carrying out the cleaning and disinfection is/are equipped with effective protective equipment (safety goggles, protective masks, long-sleeved work clothes, protective gloves, closed shoes).

The official regulations regarding the locking and closing of certain rooms must be adhered to.



Procedure for COVID 19 infection or suspected infection

CoronavirusPerson hustet

Basic information can be found via the following link:

In the event of a well-founded suspicion, the person affected must call the 1450 hotline and wait for information from authorities before any further steps are taken.

Contact persons in the immediate work environment or department must be informed about the further procedure without giving the name of the person who is ill (according to the previous workflow at the LFUI: see the following point “notification“)

 Obligatory notifications

Persons suffering from or suspected to be suffering from COVID 19 are required to inform their employer ( EX 2007) and the university physician ( EX 21006) immediately, if and when they test positive.



Drive to and from the work place, trips during work time

Mund Nasen SchutzMasks are mandatory on all public transport

Carpooling with people who do not live in the same household is to be avoided or maintaining the minimum distance and wearing masks must be ensured throughout the commute.

The use of university cars for field service should only be conducted when absolutely necessary, in consultation with the respective superiors, and in compliance with the applicable regulations committing to all appropriate precautionary measures (only one person in the university vehicle or mandatory masks, appropriate distance, etc.). Suitable cleaning cloths are to be provided in the service vehicles. The steering wheel and gear lever must always be cleaned after using the vehicle.



Entering university buildings

The buildings of the university are not open to the public until further notice. Persons with access authorisation (chip, key) only may enter (exceptions: libraries and areas shared with other institutions).

Hände waschenAfter entering the building: immediate washing or disinfection of the hands is necessary (disinfectant dispensers are placed at the main entrances; see SharePoint SiGe for an overview plan).

Safety distances must be maintained upon entering the buildings. (distances and masks)



Office space

Häufig lüften

A minimum distance (1.5m) must be provided between the workspaces of employees.

It is not necessary to wear a mask in the office, if the minimum distance is maintained.  (distances and masks)

Offices must be aired out regularly (ideally for 5 minutes in 1 hour intervals, transverse-ventilation or creation of cross breezes if possible)



Common areas

Pictogramm keine Menschenansammlungen

Maintaining of safety distance of 1.5 m (distances and masks)

Usage of elevators only individually or in pairs for larger elevators (masks are mandatory), if possible mainly usage of staircases.

Learning/studying areas for students remain closed for the time being.





All safety precautions already communicated must continuously be adhered to, in particular the scheduled organisation of research in order to reduce the density of people on location.

If several persons touch equipment and material, gloves should be worn – if allowed according to laboratory regulations.



Lecture halls

There will be no classroom teaching at the Universität Innsbruck until the end of the semester (27.06.)

Lecture halls can still be used for streaming (subject to the already communicated cleaning/security regulations). The cleaning of headphones, keyboards, etc. will be carried out by the user himself/herself with the provided cloths. Instructions for appropriate cleaning are available in the lecture halls.



Social areas/kitchens

Maintaining of safety distance of 1.5m (distances and masks)

Hände waschenHands must be washed/disinfected after using shared equipment (coffee machines, kettles, refrigerators, etc.).

Used dishes are to be put in the dishwasher or washed by each person themselves.

 Coffee and smoking breaks are only to be taken at a distance of 1.5m between participants.



Sanitary facilities

Follow information announcement notices on hygiene measures




Virtual meetings are to be favoured.

From 15 June, meetings and sessions will be possible to the extent that the necessary safety distances (1.5m from each other) can be maintained.

The maximum number of people varies depending on the size of the room.




Virtual exams are to be favoured.

Regulations for exams with physical presence are communicated separately.



Customer/Front Office Services

Customer and front office services are to be resumed gradually and in compliance with all safety measures (distance, masks, no more than 5 persons)




From 15 June onwards, events are possible again. Special security requirements apply.



Cleaning of frequently used surfaces

Work surfaces are to be cleaned by the employees themselves. For this purpose, the departments/organisational units are provided with a spray bottle/disinfectant dispenser by the DLE Sicherheit und Gesundheit (Department for Safety and Health).

Masken entsorgenPersonal work equipment, also including keyboards and computer mice are to be cleaned by the users themselves whenever required. For this purpose, the DLE Sicherheit und Gesundheit (Department for Safety and Health) will provide the departments/organisational units with appropriate cleaning cloths.

The cleaning of publicly accessible equipment which serve several users must be organised by the operating organisational units - approval is given by the DLE Sicherheit und Gesundheit (Department for Safety and Health).

Used masks should be disposed of in the designated waste containers within the existing waste collection islands.

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