COVID 19 - Corona at the workplace
Safety precautions and hygiene regulations

For the time being, COVID-19 measures are no longer in effect at the University of Innsbruck. However, the following recommendations still apply:

  • Common safety precautions & hygiene measures (including hand hygiene, disinfection of surfaces, regular ventilation, etc.).
  • recommended minimum distance: 1m
  • Wearing an FFP2 mask is still recommended, especially if it is not possible to keep an appropriate distance to other people or if the situation makes it necessary.
  • Stay at home if you have any signs of Covid-19 disease and report any infections to (and to in cc)!

Please also always refer to the latest rector team mailing.

The buildings on the university campuses are accessible to everyone during normal opening hours. We therefore continue to show consideration for one another! In doing so, we would like to appeal to your personal responsibility and make the following recommendations:

Gemeinsam bleiben wir gesund!


Safety distance and masks

Distanz halten

The recommended safety distance is at least 1m.

Wearing an FFP2 mask is still recommended, especially if it is not possible to maintain an appropriate distance from other people or if the situation makes it necessary.

Mund Nasen Schutz

For occupational purposes, (FFP2) masks can be obtained from the Safety and Health Service Unit. More information on the issue of masks can be found here:

Hygiene measures 

  • Regular hand washing
  • Disinfection of surfaces (e.g. common work surfaces, tables, equipment and materials in laboratories, etc.)
  • Regular airing (ideally cross-ventilate for at least 5 minutes after every hour)                

            Hände waschen              Häufig lüften


Procedure in the case of COVID-19 disease or the occurrence of symptoms

Symptome von COVID-19

If there are signs of COVID 19 disease, the affected person must go home or stay home immediately. Please contact 1450 and you will be referred to a screening line and tested by PCR test.

More basic information can be found at the following link:


Obligatory notifications

For employees, the following still applies: A report must be made immediately (!) to and (in cc) if you yourself have tested positive for the coronavirus and/or a person living in the same household has tested positive for the coronavirus. In these cases, please stay at home and work from your home office if possible!

Sanitary facilities

Follow information announcement notices on hygiene measures



It is also recommended that internal university meetings be held virtually. For face-to-face meetings, make sure that all participants feel comfortable in the setting. 



Science and research-related events (academic celebrations, meetings, conventions, etc.) can take place. Buffets and catering are again permitted. A 3-G certificate is no longer required for participation in an event. The FFP2 mask requirement is also lifted for the time being. Application and information at the Public Relations Office:


Cleaning of frequently used surfaces

Work surfaces are to be cleaned by the employees themselves. Spray bottles with surface disinfectant are still available to the institutes/organizational units for this purpose.


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