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The English department owns a number of films which were produced in Britain or its former colonies and document the literature and culture of these countries. All of these films are available for students and staff of Innsbruck University in DVD or VHS format and for most of them a record can be found in the movie database. The database is structured in four parts and one can perform keyword searches in the following categories


Media: search for title

Thesaurus: search for genre, time, place and theme

Person: search for author, historical figure, director, actor

Place: search for geographical places


Unfortunately the movie database is still under construction, so if you can’t find a film in the movie database please also check this website (press Control and F to search the page).


If it is an American film please also check the media archive of the department of American studies as you can also rent films there:


Please fill out the order ticket (download here) and send it to once you have found your film of interest.


Opening Hours:           Tuesday 07.45-10.15 and Wednesday 14.00-16.30


Acknowledgements: Ingrid Hayek, Eva-Maria Müller, Ulla Ratheiser, Stefanie Rudig, Christian Stenico

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