English Drama Group: RAI - renegade actors innsbruck 

The English Drama Group “RAI - renegade actors innsbruck” was founded in October 2016 by director Ariane de Waal. The group was taken over by Ulrich Pallua in September 2020. RAI investigated all kinds of performative modes, with an emphasis on improvisation, experimentation, and workshopping. RAI’s first performance, “To the Light/Over. A Postmodern Pilgrimage”, premiered at Bogentheater in March 2017. RAI disbanded in March 2023.




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RAI performed Shakespeare’s complete, bloody tragedy Macbeth without changing a single line of the original text (but with the generous introduction of cross-gender casting and funkier versions of Scottish dress)



Mountain Act. A Multilingual Performance in Celebration of International Mountain Day




To the Light/Over. A Postmodern Pilgrimage 



A group of pilgrims set out to seek salvation, travelling towards the mysterious ‘Light-Tover’ (or is it Lighthouse?) where they’re hoping to meet Mr Kurtz, a most eloquent orator. En route, they tell their stories of previous travels and adventures. But the nearer they get to the Lighthouse, the farther they get from political or spiritual enlightenment. As Kurtz morphs into an erratic despot, the pilgrims turn into colonisers, and their journey becomes an invasion of a country devastated by war.

This performance offered a rich remix of texts, ranging from Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse via Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness to blog entries composed by fascinated travellers to Innsbruck, India, and the Camino de Santiago, amongst explosive dance, music, and selfie scenes.



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