Important dates

Important dates for SS 2019


Exam dates:

Heuberger: "English Synchronic Linguistics"

End of June - details to be announced


PD Dr. Dorothee Birke


VO „Reading the English Novel“


Written exam:

Second date: 28.2.2019, 13:45-15:15, Room 40134

Third date: 9.5.2019, 17:15-18:45, HS 5 ¾

(students are strongly advised to take the exam on the second date and leave the third as a fall-back option)


Reading List Exams:

1.3., 9-14

8.3., 9-14

11.4., 16-18

10.5., 16-18

13.6., 16-18

Once your individual reading list has been approved, you can sign up for a slot with Ms Juen-Walder (at the latest 2 weeks before the respective date).

In order to take the oral reading list exam, you need to have passed the written part.




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