Bastian Kresser


What can you tell us about your career?

I am assistant manager and head of the Berufsreifeprüfungs-Department of the Volkshochschule Götzis, an adult educational centre where I also teach English. Additionally, I am pursuing my career as a writer and have already published two novels: Ohnedich (2013) and Piet (2016), both of which were published by Limbus Verlag. Together with other authors I have translated into German and edited a number of poems by Wallace Stevens (Hellwach, am Rande des Schlafs (2011), Hanser Verlag). Currently, I am writing on my third novel and a theatre play.

Why did you study Anglistik und Amerikanistik? What, in your opinion, makes this choice of study unique?

I chose Anglistik und Amerikanistik because I am on the one hand an admirer of the English language and on the other hand wanted to study this extremely important world language in depth. Furthermore, I am very interested in literature and knew what the English language had to offer in this field.

Are there any classes/courses/activities that have particularly influenced you both personally and professionally? Do you have any fond memories?

Which courses influenced me:

  • All the literature and creative writing courses—foundation of my writing
  • Film Studies (analysing and making films)—planning, solving problems, working very precisely, combining pleasure with work
  • Various grammar and linguistic courses—REALLY understanding English

Fond memories:


  • Preparing for the different reading lists and absorbing literature.
  • Filming a party scene for a film studies course until 6 am.
  • Studying abroad in Wales!
  • Getting to know many inspiring teachers who influenced my life and the way I think.

Which skills that you acquired during your language and literature studies have been useful in your current employment and throughout your career?

  • Understanding the language and being able to teach it.
  • Acquiring an in-depth knowledge of English and American literature.
  • Organising and problem solving.
  • Holding speeches in front of a larger audience.

Why would you recommend Anglistik und Amerikanistik?

Unlike with many other fields of study, students of Anglistik und Amerikanistik receive a very broad knowledge that is useful for many fields of expertise. Additionally, this discipline also deals with the beauty of language and literature. Studying, analysing, and really understanding literature has built the foundation of my writing career. English is more than just a language. It is history, culture, politics, identity, and much more. Studying Anglistik und Amerikanistik in Innsbruck and abroad, and receiving the support of inspiring and motivating teachers made me appreciate all those diverse aspects of this exciting discipline.

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