Studies: Methodology of English Foreign Language Teaching  

Courses Einführung in die Fachdidaktik
(Introduction to Methodology) This lecture is the prerequisite for admission to the Schulpraktikum. Students are taught the basics of the methodology of English language teaching, its principles and methods, different learning techniques, strategies for lesson planning, and the teaching of the four skills. The use of different sorts of course material, of the media, and computers are critically discussed. Differences between the various curricula applied at Austrian schools are highlighted.

Fachdidaktik I
The critical discussion of Austrian curricula is the focal point of this course. Students learn strategies for lesson planning, the handling of different types of texts, the methodology of integrating questions of culture, the use of the media, and they learn how to integrate project work related to other subjects into their teaching of English.

Fachdidaktik II
In addition to the aims of Fachdidaktik I, Fachdidaktik II includes the methodology of teaching grammar, error analysis, as well as finding, comparing, and discussing criteria for grading pupils' work.

Students have to write a paper in both courses.

All aspects of the methodology of English foreign language teaching can be discussed further in courses such as CALL, Error Analysis, English for Further Education, Business English etc.


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