Studies: Literature (Literaturwissenschaft)  

Aims English Studies:
English literature (from its beginnings up to the present day) and other relevant literatures in English.

American Studies:
American literature (from its beginnings up to the present day) and other relevant literatures in English.

Literary criticism, theory, and history:
Students are taught how to analyse and interpret literary texts, other types of text, and the media and how to develop the necessary skills in literary criticism and textual analysis (terminology and methods). They are encouraged to interpret literary texts independently by using secondary literature. Special attention is paid to the acquisition of the techniques of scholarly research and work. Students are made familiar with the most important literary theories and other aspects of literary interpretation (dialectic, hermeneutic, and analytic theories). Their attention is drawn to questions of production (creativity etc.), content and form, and the role and effect of literary texts and other relevant sorts of texts. Students are given a survey of the history of literature in the English language (reading-list). This includes information about the development and the characteristics of the different literary genres. Students choose special areas for closer study. An understanding of the connection between history and literary phenomena and their cultural, social, and political aspects are among the aims of this programme.

Courses Einführung in die Literaturwissenschaft für Anglisten und Amerikanisten (Introduction to Literary Studies)
Acquisition of techniques for literary criticism as a pre-condition for scholarly work with literary and other relevant texts of different genres.

This course gives an insight into significant literary periods, themes, genres, or authors including cultural, social, and political phenomena.

This course focuses on a specific theme, region, author, genre, or literary period. The student writes a research paper and presents this in class. Preparation for the seminar.

This type of course involves scholarly discussion arising from students' intensive independent work on literary, theoretical, and critical texts within a cultural context. Topics range from studies of individual authors, regions, genres, to literary periods and special literary sujets. Students write a scholarly paper as a preparation for the Master's thesis discussing questions of literature and considering aspects of literary history, methodology, sociology etc.

In this course basic questions of aesthetics and literary criticism are discussed; relationships to other philologies and the arts are explored; literary criticism is seen in the context of the humanities. A Vorprüfungsfach is any course that deepens the subject matter of the course of studies, e.g. philosophically, or that deals with its historic, scientific, or sociological aspects. A Vorprüfungsfach may also be a course offered by another department relevant to English and American Studies.

In this course students writing their Master's thesis or their dissertation reflect critically upon literary and other relevant texts. A Konversatorium offers a possibility for exchanging points of view on a more advanced level.

Any aspect of literary criticism can be dealt with and deepened in courses such as Play Reading, Creative Writing, Literature and Film, Film Analysis, Literature and the Other Arts.


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