Studies: Linguistics (Sprachwissenschaft)  

Aims Within English and American Studies, linguistics has the aim of deepening the understanding of the structure and development of the English language. This exceeds the knowledge acquired in the language courses. Language is seen as a mirror for the development of culture and civilisation in English speaking countries.

Acquisition of knowledge of the most important methods of linguistic research and their application in special areas of present-day English. General knowledge of synchronic methods of description, phonetics/ phonology, morphology, lexicology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics.

Acquisition of a basic knowledge of the history of English to enable students to translate a text in middle or old English and to explain it in linguistic terms.

Acquisition of knowledge in specific areas of the English language, e.g. regional or social variants, differences between oral and written English, differences between British and American English.

Awareness of the mutual relationship between linguistics and literary criticism, i.e. knowledge in one area of textlinguistics that studies linguistic structures within sentences and texts considering their literary and historic context.

Students of the Lehramtsstudium should attend linguistic courses on present-day English.

Courses Einführung in die Sprachwissenschaft
(Introduction to Linguistics) This course offers an introduction to the basic concepts of linguistics in preparation for Proseminare, Seminare and Vorlesungen.

Acquisition of a basic knowledge of linguistic research, of using relevant scholarly material, and knowledge for discussing problems in papers and presentations. The student writes a research paper and presents this in class. Preparation for the seminar.

Scholarly work on a more advanced level. Students work independently and thoroughly in one specific area. They write a paper and present this in class.

In this course students writing their Master's thesis or their dissertation reflect critically upon linguistic questions. A Konversatorium offers a possibility for exchanging points of view on a more advanced level.

Phonetik und Phonologie des Englischen
This course includes theory (basic concepts of phonology and prosody) and practice (exercises in phonetic transcription) of phonetics and phonology of English.

Students with English and American studies as their major have to attend a Vorprüfungsfach in the second phase of their studies. A Vorprüfungsfach is any course that deepens the subject matter of the course of studies, e.g. philosophically, or that deals with its historic, scientific, or sociological aspects.

A Vorprüfungsfach may also be a course offered by another department relevant to English and American Studies.


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