Studies: General Information  

Austrian law requires students of the humanities to combine two fields of study. The official title of the study programme offered by the Departments of English and American studies is Anglistik und Amerikanistik (English and American Studies).

The Department of English Studies offers courses in literature, linguistics, cultural studies, language learning, and methodology. The department of American Studies offers courses in literature, cultural studies, and methodology.

English and American Studies has to be combined with another subject, either as a major or a minor. Students can either opt for the 8-semester Diplomstudium, leading to the Master's degree, or for the 9-semester Lehramtsstudium, leading to the Master's degree with Teaching Certificate for High Schools. Students of the Lehramtsstudium have to attend courses on the methodology of English foreign language teaching.

Students of the Diplomstudium with English and American Studies as their major can replace their minor by a combination of subjects (Fächerbündel). This enables students to adapt their studies better to their later profession.

English and American Studies consists of two phases (Studienabschnitte). The first phase (undergraduate phase) has to take at least four semesters, both for the Diplomstudium and the Lehramtsstudium. The second phase (graduate phase) takes four semesters for the Diplomstudium and five semesters for the Lehramtsstudium.


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