Studies: Cultural Studies  


Aims Students of English and American Studies attend courses in cultural studies throughout the course of their studies. These courses help - in addition to literary criticism and linguistics - to complete the picture of the English speaking countries.

The aim is to give an overview of the geographic, economic, political, social, and cultural situation of present-day Britain and the U.S.A. Students should acquire a general knowledge of these countries and apply it to cultural aspects mentioned in literary, linguistic, and language courses.

Students should understand the mutual influence upon one another of political, social, intellectual, and literary developments and their changes.

Skills to be acquired and applied in cultural studies courses:
Methods of obtaining information on cultural topics from different sources. Critical awareness of the nature of sources, information, opinions, classifications etc. Treating central questions of cultural studies. Isolation of specific aspects and their connections to other aspects of culture and their influence upon one another. Comparison and contrast of different cultures.

Students should acquire more than a simple knowledge of facts and be encouraged to deepen their knowledge by visiting countries in the English- speaking world.

Courses Landes- und kulturkundliche Vorlesung
(Cultural Studies Lecture) An overview of the above-mentioned aspects of cultural studies is given. An oral or written examination on one of the lectures on GB or the U.S.A is part of the curriculum of phase 1. Students may be asked to read books, articles, and other texts independently, in addition to the material presented in class.

Lehrveranstaltungen mit landeskundlichem Schwerpunkt
(Courses with special emphasis on cultural studies) These courses may include excursions and project work. They focus on specific aspects of British or American civilisation. The methodology of scholarly work on questions of culture is of central interest.

Courses in linguistics and literature may also deal with central questions of culture if they include the social, intellectual, cultural, and historic background of the respective country.


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