Studies: Course Types  

Übungen Übungen (UE) are practice courses that require the active participation of students. They focus on the acquisition of language practice skills.

Proseminare Proseminare (PS) are courses that require the active participation of students in class as well as a written paper and an oral presentation. Their aim is the acquisition of both theoretical knowledge and analytical skills.

Seminare Seminare (SE) are taken by students in the second phase of their studies. They require active participation in class. Their orientation is research-based. Students write a research paper of approx. 15 pages and present this orally in class.

Vorlesungen Vorlesungen (VO) are lecture classes taught by a professor with little active participation of the students. There may be reading assignments from week to week. The attendance of these courses is not obligatory. At the end of the semester students take a written or oral examination. Credits are given only if the student passes the examination.


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