Studies: Course of Studies  

1st Phase
(1st and 2nd year)
Introduction to Literature (VO)
Introduction to Linguistics (VO)
Introduction to Cultural Studies (GB or US) (VO)

2 Proseminare in literature (PS)
1 Proseminar in linguistics (PS)
1 Proseminar in cultural studies (PS)

1 Vorlesung in literature (VO)
1 Vorlesung in linguistics (VO)

Comprehensive Language Course I (UE)
Comprehensive Language Course II (UE)
Oral Practice (UE)
Translation I (UE)
Composition I (UE)

2nd Phase Seminare in linguistics (SE)
Seminare in literature (SE)
Vorlesung in linguistics (VO)
Vorlesungen in literature (VO)
Phonetics and Phonology (VO)

Comprehensive Language III (UE)
Translation II (UE)
Composition II (UE)

Introduction to methodology (VO)
Proseminar methodology I (PS)
Proseminar methodology II (PS)


Students with English and American Studies as their major have to take an additional course (Vorprüfungsfach) and to write a Fachaufsatz (research essay).

Further information on the number and kind of courses to be taken is given in the brochure Wegweiser für das Studium der Anglistik und Amerikanistik, the Study Guide or the Mitteilungsblatt (study programme).


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