Conference Presentations and Lectures

Seminar series presentation: “‘Can Faustus Earn Redemption Still?’ – Myth and Ideology: A Theoretical Approach.” Durham University, Department of English Studies, March 2009.

Workshop presentation: “Scholarly Appropriations of Myth in National Socialism: Otto Höfler’s Kultische Geheimbünde der Germanen.” Summer Academy of the German National Academic Foundation, St Johann, Italy, September 2009.

Conference presentation: “Artist as Faustus - Counterfeiting and the Poetology of Collapse in William Gaddis’s The Recognitions (1955).” The Artist under the Microscope, International Interdisciplinary Conference, Ustinov College Durham, November 2009.

Conference presentation: “Faust and the Faustian in Gravity’s Rainbow.” International Pynchon Week 2010, Lublin, Poland, June 2010.

Conference presentation: “Fiction as Criticism: William Gaddis’s Agapē Agape and the Looms of Western Civilization.”Cosmopoetics: Mediating a New World Poetics, Durham University, September 2010.

Lecture: “Deals with the Devil – The Persistence of the Faust Myth as a Cultural Theme.” Late Summer Lecture Series in English Literature, Durham University, September 2010.

Conference presentation: “The Faustian Machineries of Thomas Pynchon.”First Conference of the UK Academic Pynchon Network, Durham University, April 2011.

Lecture: “From Monster to Culture Hero - Zombies, Mass Culture, and the Horrors of Capitalism.” Opening Lecture of the Late Summer Lecture Series in English Literature, Durham University, August 2011.

Lecture: “Freudian Psychoanalysis and Literature - Reading Psyche as Text and Text as Psyche.” Postgraduate Lecture, Durham University, April 2012.



Edited Journals

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Book Chapters

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Creative Work

Mösch, Matthias and Oliver Plaschka, eds. 2006. Gagarin’s Underpants – Contemporary English Short Stories. Norderstedt: BOD.

Plaschka, Oliver, Matthias Mösch and Alexander Flory. 2010. Der Kristallpalast. Mannheim: Feder und Schwert.

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