O.Univ. Prof. Dr. Manfred Markus - Conference activity

In 1991 Markus (supported by Christian Mair, now Freiburg University) convened an international conference on contrastive linguistics and in 1993 a workshop on computer liguistics, both at Innsbruck. In October 2007, he was co-convener of a workshop "Computer Studies in Lexicography" within the Österreichische Linguistiktagung at Innsbruck. He was convener of an international workshop on Wright's EDD on the Fifteenth International Conference on English Historical Linguistics (ICEHL 15) Munich, 24-30 August 2008, and co-convener of an internatioanal conference Middle and Modern English Corpus Linguistics: A Multi-dimensional Approach, Innsbruck 5-9 July 2009. Markus has also travelled regularly to initiate and to use Erasmus or Socrates contacts, and also to deliver papers at conferences and guest lectures.


Lectures and speeches 1988-1992 (selection):

  • Vortrag (englisch) in Rostock (1988)
  • Vortrag in Berlin Humboldt-Universität (englisch) 1988
  • Vortrag in Leipzig (Universität) (englisch) 1988
  • Vortrag in Klagenfurt (Östereichischer Linguistentag) (deutsch) 1989
  • zwei Vorträge in Freiburg (1988 und 1990) (englisch)
  • zwei Vorträge in Graz (Universität) 1990 (englisch)
  • zwei Vorträge in Graz (Österreichischer Linguistentag) 1990 (englisch)
  • Vortrag in Marburg (Anglistentag) 1990 (englisch)
  • Vortrag in Rydzyna (Poznan) (Konferenz Fisiak) 1991 (englisch)
  • mehrere Vorträge in Innsbruck, u.a. Östereichischer Linguistentag 1987 und Internationale Konferenz "New Departures in Contrastive Linguistics" 1991 (englisch)
  • Vortrag in Düsseldorf (Anglistentag) 1991 (englisch)
  • zwei Vorträge in Kopenhagen (Universität) 1991 (englisch)
  • Vortrag in Rostock (Universität) 1991 (englisch)
  • Vortrag in Innsbruck (Österreichischer Linguistentag) 29.9.92 (deutsch)

Lecture topics since 1992

  • Vortrag in Freiburg (Universität), "Zur Eigenschaftslosigkeit des Eigenschaftswortes" (am Beispiel des Englischen, Deutschen und Französischen) am 4.12.1992
  • zwei Vorträge in Würzburg (Universität), "Poetizismen in der englischen Alltagssprache" und "Relativity in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" am 14.1.1993
  • Vortrag in Innsbruck 22.1.1993 (Internationaler Workshop Computerlinguistik, 21.-23.1.1993), "On the concept of ICAMET (Innsbruck Computer Archive of Middle English Texts)"
  • Vortrag in Cambridge/UK "ICAMET REPORT" am 26.3.93
  • Vortrag in Wien (AAUTE, 5.6.1993), "Poetizismen in der Alltagssprache am Beispiel der englische Lautung" am 5.6.1993
  • Vortrag in Ingolstadt (Frankenstein-Symposium, 26.-27.6.1993), "Erscheinungsformen des Feminismus in Mary Shelleys Frankenstein" am 26.6.1993
  • Vortrag in Bordeaux (ESSE, 6.-9.9.1993) "The Innsbruck Computer Archive of Middle English Texts" am 8.9.1993
  • drei Vorträge in Leipzig, Universität, am 12/13.11.1993:
    a. "The English adjective seen contrastively from the point of view of German"
    b. "Das Konzept des Innsbrucker Computer-Archivs"
    c. "The sing-song of chit-chat"
  • Vortrag in Dresden, Universität, am 14.11.1993: "What is to be done in ESP teaching"
  • zwei Vorträge an der Université Val de Marne, Paris XII, am 2. und 4.3.1994
    a. "Corpus linguistics at the Engl Dept of Innsbruck University"
    b. "Concepts of love in 16th and 17th century English poetry"
  • drei Vorträge an der Nottingham Trent University 19.-22.4.94:
    a. "Zur Eigenschaftslosigkeit des Eigenschaftswortes"
    b. "Austria in Europe"
    c. "All you've always wanted to know about Chaucer, but never dared to ask"
  • Vortrag im Rahmen eines Workshop an der University of Notre Dame, Ind. (2.5.1994) am 2.5.1994 "The concept of ICAMET"
  • Vortrag im Rahmen des Mittelalter-Kongresses in Kalamazoo, Mich. (4-6.5.1994) am 6.5.1994: "The Isle of Ladies as Satire"
  • Vortrag auf dem Kongreß "Language Contact in the History of English" vom 13.-17.7.1994 in Tulln b. Wien, ed. D. Kastovsky am 13.7.94: "Duplication of Vowels in Middle English Spelling"
  • Universität München 22.2.1995: "English adjectives as UFO's: Towards an identification of a strange word class"
  • Universidad de Valencia 6.4.95: "Recent trends and coming possibilities in Contrastive Pragmatics"
  • Universidad de Valencia 7.4.1995: "Concepts of love in the English Renaissance"
  • Universität Leipzig 8.5.95: "Atypical rules of word order in the English adjective phrase"
  • Vortrag 26.5.95 ICAME Conference in Toronto (23.-27.5.1995): "Editorial problems in electronic corpus work: Towards a computerized corpus of Middle English prose"
  • Vortrag 6.7.95: 15th-Century Studies Conference 1995 in Salzburg (Schloss Kaprun, 5.-7.7.1995): "The Isle of Ladies as Satire"
  • Vortrag 26.9.95: Deutscher Anglistentag 1995 in Greifswald (25.-27.9.1995): "Chaucer's prose in the Canterbury Tales as parody"
  • Vortrag 16.11.95: University of Florida in Gainesville, FL: "Editorial problems in electronic corpus work"
  • Vortrag 21.11.95: University of New Orleans: "The Isle of Ladies as Satire"
  • Vortrag 28.11.95: University of Arizona in Tucson/AR: "Editorial problems in electronic corpus work"
  • Vortrag 30.11.95: University of Arizona in Tempe/Phoenix, AR: "Editorial problems in electronic corpus work"
  • Vortrag 22.4.96: Universität Köln: "Marginal comments on the Prologue of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
  • Vortrag 14.5.96: Universität Helsinki/Finnland (17th ICAME Conference, Historical Section, 15.-17.5.1996): "The Innsbruck Computer Archive of Middle English Texts: progess report"
  • Vortrag 17.5.96: Universität Stockholm (17th ICAME conference, Synchronic Section): "Normalization of Middle English Prose: possibilities and limits"
  • acht Vorträge April/Mai 1997 Universität Trento über Mittelenglische Literatur.
  • Vortrag 22.5.1997: Historical Workshop of the 18th ICAME Conference at Chester 21 May 1997: "The Innsbruck Computer Archive of Machine-Readable English Texts"
  • Vortrag 24.5.1997: 18th ICAME Conference at Chester 22.-25.5.1997: "A-adjectives (asleep etc.) in postnominal position: etymology as a cause of word order (corpus-based)"
  • Vortrag 29.5.1997: Language and Text: Second International Conference on Middle English at the University of Helsinki 29.5-1.6.1997: "Normalizing the word forms in Ayenbite of Inwyt"
  • Vortrag 1.6.1997: Language and Text: Second International Conference on Middle English at the University of Helsinki 29.5-1.6.1997: "ICAMET: State of the Art"
  • Vortrag 10/1997: Österrreichische Linguistentagung 27.-28. Oktober 1997 in Innsbruck: "ICAMET (The Innsbruck Computer Archive of Machine-Readable English Texts): Präsentation, Möglichkeiten, Probleme"
  • Vortrag 10.2.98: University of Arizona at Tucson, AZ: "Can I help you: computer normalization of medieval word forms (with demonstration)"
  • Vortrag 14.2.1998 at ACMRS, Arizona State University at Tempe, AZ conference paper: "Linguistic commercialism in the Paston Letters and Cely Papers (Corpus-Based)"
  • Vortrag 2.3.1998 Universität Innsbruck, Workshop der Geisteswissenschaftlichen Fakultät: Kurzvortrag: "ICAMET: Präsentation, Möglichkeiten, Probleme"
  • Vortrag 5/1998 aus Anlass des 60. Geburtstags von Leonhard Lipka , Universität München: "English historical lexicology in the age of electronic reproduction: some suggestions"
  • Vortrag 6/1998 "English and Europe", im Rahmen der Ringvorlesung der Geiwi Fak., U Innsbruck.
  • 05.05.1999: 'Wherefore therefore: causal connectives in Early Modern English correspondence', International ICAME Conference in Freiburg/Deutschland, 3.-6.5.1999.
  • 08.11.1999: 'Can I help you: computer normalisation of medieval word forms (with demonstration)', UCLA
  • 10.11.1999: 'English language in Europe', Arizona State University
  • 11.11.1999: 'The history of English Studies in Austria', Arizona State University
  • 15.11.1999: 'Perspectivism in late Middle English and Early Modern English Literature', University of Northern Iowa at Cedar Falls, Iowa
  • 26.04.2000: 'Towards an analysis of pragmatic and stylistic features of 15th and 17th century women's letters', International ICAME Conference in Sydney, Australia, 23.-27.4.2000
  • 10.09.2000: 'Victorian women words: a study in historical lexicology', International Conference on English Historical Linguistics in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 8.-11.11.2000
  • Tulln: The topos of foul/filth in Middle English homilies: a study in historical lexicology. 2001
  • Historical symposium of IAUPE at the University of Munich 7.-8.8.2001: Hyphens and hyper-hyphens in Middle English (corpus-based).
  • IAUPE Bamberg 9.-11.8.2001: The genesis of h-dropping revisited: an empirical analysis.
  • Universität Bergamo: Limits and challenges of ESP. 5.-7.7.2001
  • Ringvorlesung Institut für Translationswissenschaft Universität Innsbruck Juni 2001: 'Linguistic standard and varieties in international communication, with particular focus on English'
  • Fourth International Conference on Middle English (ICOME 4), University of Vienna, 4-7 July 2002: 'German vs French fixed expressions in Middle English prose: towards a description of historical English idioms and collocations'
  • International Conference on Historical Lexicography and Lexicology, Leicester, 15.-17.7.2002: 'Terms of pregnancy in the history of English: an onomasiological approach based on the OED'
  • 13. 11. 2002: Ringvorlesung, Geisteswissenschaftliche Fakultät der Universität Innsbruck: 'Mischsprachen als Folge von Sprach- und Kulturkontakt, am Beispiel Maltas'
  • 24th International ICAME Conference 23-27th April 2003, Guernsey: 'EFL dictionaries in the 18th and 19th centuries – presentation of a new corpus project'
  • University of Malta Mai 2003: 'Series of eight lectures on the history of English'
  • University of Lecce/Italy October 2003: 2 lectures: 'Historical English Corpus Linguistics: survey of its history and some research strategies' and 'EFL dictionaries in the 18th and 19th centuries – presentation of a new corpus project'
  • University of Central England in Birmingham (UCE) March 29 - April 2, 2004: 3 lectures within courses. a) 'Early Modern English lexicology'; b) 'The history of English lexicography: The OED and the EDD (Joseph Wright)'; c) 'The development of perspectivism in Late Middle and Early Modern English literature and the fine arts of the Renaissance'
  • 25th International ICAME Conference Verona, 19-23 May 2004: "Spotting spoken historical English: the role of alliteration in Middle English collocations and idioms"
  • IAUPE Conference at the Univ. of British Columbia 8.–14. 8. 2004: "B&B: the role of alliteration in twin formulas of Middle English prose"
  • 27th International ICAME Conference 24.-.26.5.2006 in Helsinki: "Wright's English Dialect Dictionary Computerises: towards a new source of information"
  • ICEHL 21-25 August 2006 in Bergamo: "German vs. French Fixed Expressions in Middle English Prose"
  • Symposion zu Ehren v. Bernhard Ketteman am 27. 1. 2006 in Graz: "Click nach bei Shakespeare"
  • Univ. Dresden, Institut für Anglistik "Neure Entwicklungen in der Corpuslinguistik". 27. 1. 2006
  • Univ. Innsbruck, Institut für Informatik (DERI). 30. 06. 2005: "Joseph Wright's English Dialect Dictionary and Corpus Linguistics"
  • Univ. Köln, Institut für Anglistik. 19. 05. 2005. "Coming to terms with digitising English letters"
  • Vortrag "Wright's English Dialect Dictionary Computerised: Architecture and Retrieval Routine." 5.12.06 beim Dagstuhl-Seminar "Corpus Linguistics and Computer Studies", 5.-7.12.2006
  • Vortrag "Joseph Wright's English Dialect Dictionary in Electronic Form: A Critical Discussion of its Parameters and Query Routines." 25.5.2007. 28th ICAME Conference in Stratford-upon-Avon, 23.-26.5.2007 (mit Reinhard Heuberger and Alexander Onysko)
  • Vortrag "Features of Spokenness in Wright's English Dialect Dictionary“, IAUPE Conference in Lund/Sweden (8.-10. August 2007) on 10 August 2007
  • Vortrag “Joseph Wright's English Dialect Dictionary and its sources”, Third International Conference on Late Modern English in Leiden/Netherlands (29.8.-1.9.2007) on 30 August 2007
  • Plenary talk “Joseph Wright's English Dialect Dictionary Computerised: a platfdorm for a new historical English Dialect Geography”,  at the International Conference of the Society of the History of English Language and Literature (SHELL) at Nagoya/Japan (7.-9. September 2007) 9 September 2007
  • Vortrag “Spokenness in Late Modern English: Sampling Wright’s English Dialect Dictionary”, Senshu University Tokyo on 10 September 2007
  • Vortrag an der Universität München 28.5.08: "Joseph Wright's English Dialect Dictionary: Possibilities and chances"
  • Vorträge an der U of Bangor, Wales, 3. und 4. Juni 2008: (a) "English Dialectology Based on Wright's EDD digitised"; (b) "English Studies in Austria: a survey"
  • Vortrag an der Universität Wien (Projekt ÖBW), 20.6.08: "Wrights English Dialect Dictionary (1898-1905): Reflektion seiner Möglichkeiten"
  • Vortrag in Leeds, International Conference on Dialectology (Methods XIII), 5.8.08: "As drunk as muck: Similes in English Dialects (based on Wright's EDD)"
  • Vortrag in München International Conference of English Historical Linguistics (ICEHL 2008), 26 August 2008): "Diminutives in English standard and dialects (based on Wright's English Dialect Dictionary)", also co-organiser of a workshop "Joseph Wright's EDD and Beyond", 29.7.08.
  • Vortrag in Freiburg International Conference of English Studies (ICE 1), 9.10.08: "Interjections in English Dialects (based on Wright's EDD)"
  • Vortrag (Einladung) in Regensburg, "Features of spokenness in English dialects." 7. 5. 2009.
  • Vortrag (Einladung) in Perth, Schottland “EDD Online and Scotland (Perth as an example)”, am 5.12.2009
  • Vortrag (Plenum) in A Coruna, Spanien, “Spokenness as a feature of Late Modern English (with a focus on the 19th century)”, 15.5.2010
  • Vortrag ICAME Gießen „How can Wright's English Dialect Dictionary be used as a corpus?”, 28.5.2010
  • Vortrag IAUPE Valetta/Malta “Interjections in English dialects (based onWright's English Dialect Dictionary)”, 23.7.2010
  • Vortrag "The value of corpus linguistics for literary studies: Hyperbole in Shakespeare's nominal addresses." AAUTE 2011 Salzburg, 15.4.2011.
  • Plenary "Spokenness as a feature of Late-Modern English." International Conference on Corpus Linguistics (CILC 10) in A Coruna 15 May 2011.
  • Vortrag “Sirrah, what’s thy name?”: the genesis of Shakespeare’s sirrah in relation to sir and sire in Late Middle and Early Modern English Lviv 3-5 August 2011.
  • Plenary "Selected Features of Spokenness in Late Modern English: A survey based on Joseph Wright’s EDD (online)." Osaka 26-29 August 2011
  • Vortrag "Aspect Expressed by the Prefix a- in Late Modern English", Symposium Innsbruck 16 April 2012.
  • Vortrag "The Survival of Aspect Expressed by the Prefix a- in Late Modern English Dialects (Based on Wright’s EDD)", ICAME 33, Leuven, 2 June 2012.
  • Plenary speech "The Survival  of Middle English in Late Modern English Dialects: a Reappraisal", SELIM XXIV, University of Salamanca, 6 October 2012.

  • Invited lecture "Variation in an English Variety: Wright's English Dialect Dictionary", Arbeitstreffen des Projektes 'Wechselwirkungen zwischen linguistischen und bioinformatischen Verfahren, Methoden und Algortihmen: Modellierung und Abbildung von Varianz in Sprache und Genomen, TU Darmstadt, 29 November 2012
  • Vortrag "The truth of the pudding of language is in its speakin': Spoken features in Wright’s English Dialect Dictionary Online". Vortrag auf dem Symposium  Approaches to English Historical Lexicography and Lexicology — OX-LEX 4, Pembroke College, Oxford, 25 - 27 März 2015.
  • Presentation of EDD Online, Institut für Anglistik der Universität Innsbruck, am 28.4.2016

  • Vortrag vor dem Linguistenkreis der Universität Innsbruck am 10.5.2016, Thema: Wrights English Dialect Dictionary (1898-1905): Reflektion seiner Möglichkeiten

  • ”The complex role of lexical semantics in Wright’s English Dialect Dictionary”, presented on 26 July 2016. International Association of University Professors of English Triennial Conference. London 25th – 29th July 2016.
  • “The Heritage of Late Modern English Dialects in Middle English (based on EDD Online).” Presentation at the ICAME conference 38 in Prague on 24 May 2017.

  •   “The role of the English Dialect Dictionary for the history of English.” Guest lecture at the University of Klagenfurt on 20 June 2017.

  •  “Digital Humanities: New Departure in English Dialectology (on the basis of EDD Online).” Presentation at the Jahrestagung des Deutschen Anglistenverbandes (Anglistentag) in Regensburg on 21 Sept 2017.

  • Manfred Markus, Guest Lecture (within Erasmus) at Charles University Prague on 30 April 2018: “How to Use EDD Online: a practical introduction”

  • Manfred Markus, Guest Lecture (within Erasmus) at Charles University Prague on 2 May 2018: “Selected Features of Spokenness in Late Modern English”

  • Manfred Markus, Guest Lecture (within Erasmus) at Charles University Prague on 4 May 2018: “The Survival of Shakespeare’s Language in English Dialects”

  • Manfred Markus, Guest Lecture and Discussion (within Erasmus) at Charles University Prague on 4 May 2018: “Possibilites of Cooperation between the English Departments of the Universities of Prague and Innsbruck”



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