Doctoral Theses


In Progress


Allgäuer, Elisabeth-Maria

Multilingual training at school: Does it enhance language proficiency and metalinguistic awareness in multilingual learners?


Gomig, Marlene

University students' attitudes towards multilingualism in Austria and Australia - A comparison


Megens, Manon

Crosslinguistic Awareness in Processes of Multilingual Attrition


Mayr-Keiler, Kerstin

Portrait of Multilingual Voicescapes


Pittracher-Terek, Valentina

Testing the M-Factor: Linguistic Awareness and Multicompetence in Multilinguals in Monolingual vs. Bilingual Contexts


Tovmasov, Anna (second advisor)

Sprachbiographien von MigrantInnen: Identität und Integration





Oberhofer, Kathrin (2014)

Metalinguistic Abilities in Young Language Learners. A longitudinal study on the development of metalinguistic abilities and executive function in early foreign language learners (children enrolled in bilingual or English-immersion preschools) vs. in children in monolingual preschools.

Hofer, Barbara (2013)

On The Dynamics of Early Multilingualism. A psycholinguistic study of bilingual education in South Tyrol


Forrat Viva, Marta (2007)

Cross-cultural marriages : English - Spanish bilinguals in Australia



Diploma Theses

In Progress


Colvin, Stephan Lukas

Code-switching in the setting of a bilingual family


Geiger, Sarah

How is metalinguistic awareness tested?


Graus, Stefanie

Crosslinguistic lexical influence from English on Italian in written production


Ieronimo, Nicole

Cross-linguistic influence and interaction in third language acquisition


Gächter, Kathrin

Preferred Images in English, French and German Proverbs


Pfeifer, Denise

Language aptitude in multilingual pupils - a comparison of learners with different language backgrounds in South Tyrol


Praxmarer, Ingrid Elisabeth

English as a third language in migrant children



Unterhauser, Nadine
Role of English as a Supporter language in the French Written Task of Multilingual Learners

Unterthiner, Dominik
Visualising the Enhanced Multilingual Monitor - in the Dynamic Model of Multilingualism
 implications for the language classroom


Platzgummer, Patrick (2013)

The Value of the English Language in Tyrolean Radio Advertising: A Lexicological Analysis of Life Radio Tirol Combined with a Didactic Approach


Pargger, Katharina (2013)

The impact of metalinguistic awareness on multilingual learners exploring foreign languages in the classroom



Stuckey, Nicole (2013)

Keepin’ it Real South-Tyrolean Style. The African Vernacular English and the construction of rap identities in South Tyrol


Strasser, Nina (2013)

Spontaneous speech production in English learners


Thurner, Theresa (2013)

Language attrition and language situation of German-speaking immigrants in Australia with focus on how Australian school systems take childrens’ migrational backgrounds into consideration


Burgstaller, Julia (2012)

The Value of Comics for Language Learning: How can comics and 'light' literature be used for learning a (foreign) language?


Desnica, Janina (2012)

Multilingualism and Emotions: A Study of Croatian Immigrants in Australia


Maurer, Sarah (2012)

Phrasemes in the English Language Classroom


Mohr, Jasmin Nicole (2012)

Multilingualism in the Brain. Problems and Perspectives in Neurolinguistics and a Reflection on the Topic's Relevance for the Language Classroom


Shanley, Angela (2012)

Language production in bilingual children with implications for teaching


Sigl, Christine (2012)

Language maintenance in a multilingual school context


Amann, Caroline (2011)

Bilingual education - a token for concultural pragmatics?


Betsch, Jeanette (2011)

L2 and L3 attrition after four months? The role of metalinguistic awareness and implications for teaching


Gröbner, Claudia (2011)

Wild children - a proof of the critical period hypothesis?


Megens, Manon Antonius Elisabeth (2011) 

Language attrition after four months? Emergence of lexical attrition in the English L2 oral production of Austrian multilingual learners




Pircher, Simone (2011)

Language identity and linguistic situation in South Tyrol : sociolinguistic, educational and affective perspectives on multilingualism with English


Plankl, Petra (2011)

Students’ attitudes towards multilingualism with English at the art school 'Cademia'


Schipflinger, Elisabeth (2011)

English as a third language: State-of-the-art


Schwab, Andreas (2011)

Motivation in second language acquisition: A study at Linfield College (US) with teaching implications



Ager, Sylvia Maria (2010)

English as a bridge language for the acquisition of Italian, Spanish and French - Implications for language teaching


Mair, Viktoria (2010)

The Acquisition of pragmatic competence in English language learners


Schostal, Marie-Therese (2010)

Self-repair and repair in English as a lingua franca


Sprenger, Barbara (2010)

Crucial Factors in successful adult language learning


Ackerer, Julia (2009) 

Italian language and culture in American English: Some evidence from a corpus - based analysis with suggestions for instruction


Fellacher, Ulrike (2009)

English and Spanish Politeness Strategies: A Contrastive Study of Requests expressed in Mike Leigh's "Happy Go Lucky" and Pedro Almodóvar's "Volver" including Teaching Perspectives


Gomig, Marlene (2009)

Vocabulary learning strategies in English textbooks


Menghin, Karin (2009)

Language disorders in bilingual children


Peska Stephanie Renate (2009)

Attitudes towards English amongst bi- and multilingual adolescents in Malta




Rauter, Lisa (2009)

Acquisition of grammar in children - A comparative study of passive voice construction in a monolingual and a bilingual kindergarten


Sorko, Julia Karin Anna (2009)

Language attrition and multilingualism – New perspectives from Dynamic Systems Theory


Tavernini, Marlene (2009)

From communicative competence to intercultural communicative competence


Erschbaumer, Sarah (2008)

Code-switching: A most widely accepted communicative strategy?


Frei, Helga (2008)

English as a third language in South Tyrol - The role of cognates in the English language classroom


Hojas, Karoline (2008)

Anglicisms in sports companies - From “Kreuzlandrad” to “Hitschhaik”


Ladinig, Kathrin (2008)

Mind the Gap - The lack of conceptual fluency in English language learning


Oberhofer, Kathrin (2008)

Metalinguistic ability and early foreign language learning


Unterweger, Barbara (2008)

Students' attitudes towards multilingualism with English at a European school


Walcher, Elisabeth (2008)

Word order transfer in third language acquisition German-Italian bilingual students' acquisition of English word order in a German educational context


Gächter, Kathrin (2007)

Preferred images in English, French and German proverbs


Haslinger, Heidemarie (2007)

Cross-cultural pragmatics at school


Pellegrini, Silvia (2007)

Teaching English grammar rules - An inquiry into the didactics of future reference in English

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