Philip Herdina


Ass.-Prof. Dr.


Room: 40324

Office hours: by appointment


 : +43 512 507 4158



Research Interests

  • Multilingualism
  • Cognitive linguistics
  • Complex systems theory/dynamic systems theory
  • Theory of science


  • Substitute member of the faculty board
  • Member of the Institutsbeirat
  • Member of the regional competence centre for German and multilingualism




English Philology, Philosophy, German Philology, Psychology and Educational Sciences, Christian Philosophy (Innsbruck University)

Mag.Phil.1979, Dr.Phil.1982 Methodenprobleme der Literaturwissenschaft (Methodological Problems of Literary Science)


Selected Publications

1) First, Second, Third Order Complexity and the Hypercomplex, in Müller,S., Zelger,J., (eds.), Gabek als Lernverfahren für Organisationen, 71-86, Innsbruck: Studia, 2015.

2) Historical Multilingualism as a Linguistic Challenge, in: Fink,S., Lang, M., Schretter,M., (eds.), Sprachsituation und Sprachpolitik – Mehrsprachigkeit im Altertum, Münster, Ugarit Verlag 2015.

3) Entrenchment, Embeddedness and Entanglement. A dynamic complexity view, chapter 18, in Schmid H.J. (ed.), Entrenchment, Memory and Automaticity. The psychology of linguistic knowledge and language learning, Boston: Walter de Gruyter, 2016.


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