Courses taught


  • Introduction to English linguistics (summer semester 2001 – summer semester 2011: each semester; at Bayreuth University as a two-semester course, at Munich University as a one-semester course)
  • Seminars:

Summer semester 01:           Text linguistics

Winter semester 01/02:        Speech acts and conversational principles

Summer semester 02:           Semantics

Winter semester 02/03:        Contrastive linguistics

Summer semester 03:           Pragmatics and conversation analysis

Winter semester 03/04:        Lexicology and lexicography

Summer semester 04:           Language in context; Text typology and text linguistics of English

Winter semester 04/05:        Motivation, conventionalization and salience

Summer semester 05:           Brain, mind and language; Pragmatics and conversation analysis

Winter semester 05/06:        Text linguistics

Summer semester 06:           Motivation and conventionality

Winter semester 06/07:        Semantics and lexicology

Summer semester 07:           Cognitive linguistics

Winter semester 07/08:        Lexicography

Summer semester 08:           Language in context: Users, uses and functions

Winter semester 08/09:        Nonliteral language

Summer semester 09:           Analyzing English texts

Winter semester 09/10:        The English lexicon

Summer semester 10:           Language and cognition

Winter semester 10/11:        Psycholinguistics

Summer semester 11:           Morphology and word-formation

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