Christine Elsweiler


PD Dr.


Room: 40331

Office hours: Wednesday, 10:00 - 11:00


 : +43 512 507 4192


Research and teaching interests

  • Cross-cultural, historical and variational pragmatics

  • Gender and language

  • Historical correspondence

  • Historical sociolinguistics

  • Modal auxiliaries and modality

  • Scots and Scottish English

  • Standardisation in the history of English







2020  Habilitation: “From Shared Meaning to Divergent Pragmatics: A Comparative Study of the Modal Auxiliaries May, Can, Shall and Will in Scottish and English Letters (1500–1700)”, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

2011  Zweite Staatsprüfung für das Lehramt an Gymnasien in der Fächerverbindung Englisch und Französisch

2009  Promotion (Dr. Phil.): “Laʒamon's Brut between Old English Heroic Poetry and Middle English Romance – a Study of the Lexical Fields ‘Hero’, ‘Warrior’ and ‘Army’”, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

2004  Erste Staatsprüfung für das Lehramt an Gymnasien in der Fächerverbindung Englisch und Französisch, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Selected Publications

1) Elsweiler, Christine. 2022. “Gender Variation in the Requestive Behaviour of Early Modern Scottish and English Letter Writers? A Study of Private Correspondence”. Journal of Historical Sociolinguistics 8.1: 55–88.

2) Elsweiler, Christine and Judith Huber. 2022. “Loss of Number in the English Second Person Pronoun: A Change for the Worse, but Due to a Change for the Better?” In: Dankmar Enke, Larry Hyman, Johanna Nichols, Guido Seiler and Thilo Weber (eds.). Language Change for the Worse. Berlin: Language Science Press. i–xxiv (preliminary page numbering).

3) Elsweiler, Christine. 2021. “Convergence and Divergence in Two Historical Varieties of English: Pragmalinguistic Strategies in Commissive and Directive Speech Acts in Scottish and English Letters (1500–1700)”. Anglistik 32.1. Fokusband: Focus on English Linguistics: Varieties Meet Histories. Ed. by Daniela Kolbe-Hannah and Ilse Wischer.

4) Elsweiler, Christine. 2019. “Pragmatic and Formulaic Uses of Shall and Will in Older Scots and Early Modern English Official Letter Writing”. In: Birte Bös and Claudia Claridge (eds.). Norms and Conventions in the History of English. Amsterdam/Philadelphia, PA: John Benjamins, 167–190.


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