Selected presentations

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Baumgart, J. ‘The discourse of multiculturalism in teacher education – a snapshot from the Irish context’, ‘The Social Sciences in the Age of Uncertainty: Knowledge, Innovation, Society and Space’ Irish Social Science Platform (ISSP) Annual Conference, University of Limerick, 2-3 December 2010.

Baumgart, J. and Farr, J. ‘Teacher talk in multicultural classrooms’ workshop at “Supporting you-Supporting your ESL students” Event, University of Limerick,  11 March 2011.

Murray, L. and Baumgart, J. ‘Integrating blended learning’, Conversations in the Consortium Series, Centre for Teaching and Learning, University of Limerick, 01 February 2012.



Baumgart, J. ‘Angels and Demons’ teaching materials in  Mishan, F. (2010) ‘Withstanding washback: Thinking outside the box in materials development’ in B. Tomlinson and H. Masuhara (eds) Research for Materials Development in Language Learning, Continuum, pp353-368).

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