EDD Online - International cooperation

The excellent contacts of the project team with distinguished colleagues of the fields concerned can be expected to serve as the basis for many fruitful collaborations. We have established a network of close contacts with:

  • Philip Durkin (currently revising the Oxford English Dictionary; Oxford University Press)
  • Howard Jackson (an expert on lexicography; Birmingham City University)
  • Thomas Strang (a computer expert; University of Innsbruck, DERI)
  • Prof. emer. Kurt Gärtner. Kompetenzzentrum für elektronische Publikationsverfahren in den Geisteswissenschaften of the University of Trier

In addition, we are on friendly terms with a number of distinguished scholars and specialists whom we can consult if need be, among these:

  • Dr. Heinrich Ramisch, University of Bamberg
  • Prof. Christian Mair, University of Freiburg
  • Prof. emer. Horst Weinstock, University of Aachen
  • Prof. emer. Manfred Görlach, University of Cologne
  • Prof. Thomas Kohnen, University of Cologne
  • Prof. Udo Fries, University of Zurich
  • Prof. Gabriele Stein, University of Heidelberg
  • Prof. emer. Jan Svartvik, University of Lund
  • Prof. Donka Minkova, UCLA
  • Prof. Neal R. Norrick, University of Saarbrücken
  • Prof. Graeme Kennedy, University of Wellington, NZ
  • Prof. Marina Dossena, University of Bergamo
  • Prof. Olga Fischer, University of Amsterdam
  • Prof. Wolfgang Viereck, University of Bamberg
  • PD Gabriele Knappe, University of Bamberg
  • Prof. Hans Sauer, University of Munich
  • Projektor Software GmbH (Richard Uttner), Tübingen
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