Slave Unrests in the British West Indies, 1770-1838


1760:           Jamaica: St Mary’s Parish; Tacky’s Rebellion. 100s-1000s.

1769-73:       St. Vincent: First Carib War, with Black Caribs led by Chatoyer. 1000s.

1770:           Tobago: November. Revolt at Courland Bay, led by Sandy. 10s.

1771:           Tobago: June. Revolt at Bloody Bay. 10s.

1772:           Demerara (2 Revolts); (Genovese 1981)

1773:           Belize: Easter. Revolt on Belize River. 100s.

1774:           Demerara (Genovese 1981)

1774:           Tobago: March. Revolt at Queen’s Bay. 10s.

1775:           Demerara (Genovese 1981)

1776:           Jamaica: July. Afro-creole plot, Hanover parish, led by Sam, Charles, Caesar, and others. 1000s.

1778:           St. Kitts: Easter. Abortive Afro-creole plot. 100s.

1785-90:       Dominica: First Maroon War, under leadership of Balla, Pharcell, and others. 1000s.

1787:           Bahamas: Armed runaways lurking in Blue Hills, New Providence. 10s.

1789:           Demerara: 1 plantation. Widespread conspiracy.

1790.           Tortola: May. Revolt on Pickering’s estate. 100s.

1791:           Saint Lucia: January. Soufrière. 1 plantation.

                   Dominica: January. Work stoppage/ desertion/ confrontation. 100s.

                   Dominica: January. Free coloured leader. 1 white killed.

                   Saint Domingue: August-November. North Province. 100,000+

1791-92:       Jamaica: Islandwide slave unrest after news from Haiti. 100s.

1792:           Saint Domingue. Revolt spreads beyond North. 1,000s.

1793:           Saint Lucia

1795:           Trinidad: 2 conspiracies in south and north.

                   Guyana: Slave revolt in Dutch Demerara, in conjunction with maroons. 1000s.

                   Dominica: May. Colihaut uprising, involving some slaves. 100s.

1795-96:      St. Vincent: Second Carib War, under leadership of Chatoyer and Duvallé. 1000s.

                   Jamaica: July-March. Second Maroon War in Trelawny and St. James’s parishes. 100s.

1795-97:      Grenada: Fédon’s rebellion, involving majority of island’s slaves. Many 1000s.

                   St. Lucia: Brigand’s War, involving many slaves. 1000s.

1801:           Tobago: Christmas. Afro-creole plot, centred on western half of island. 7 slaves executed. 100s.

1802:           Dominica: April. “Black Man” mutiny of the Eighth West India Regiment. 100s.

1803:           Jamaica: June. Kingston, 2 executed.

1805:           Trinidad: Christmas. Plot among francophone slaves around Careenage and Maraval. 4 slaves executed. 100s.

1806:           Jamaica: Saint George’s. 1 slave executed. 10s.

1807:           Tobago: December. Proto-peasant unrest, with march on Government House. 100s.

1807.           Demerara: December. 20 slaves arrested. 9 executed.

1809:           Jamaica: March. Kingston. 2 executed.

1809-14:      Dominica: Second Maroon War, led by Quashie, Apollo, Jacko, and others. 1000s.

1813:           Belize: Disturbance on New River. 100s.

1815:           Jamaica: December. Christmas. Ibo-led plot, Saint Elizabeth. 250 Africans. 1 hanged. 100s.

1816:           Barbados: Easter. Bussa’s rebellion, centred on St. Philip’s parish. Many 1000s. (120 slaves killed, 144 executed and 132 deported)

1820:           Belize: Easter. Revolt on New River, led by Will and Sharper. 100s.

1823:           Tortola: Second Pickering slaves’ revolt. 100s.

1823-24:      Jamaica: Widespread plots and unrest, especially in Hanover parish, where it was popularly called the “Argyle War.” 1000s.

1823:           Guyana: August. Rebellion on East Coast, Demerara, led by Quamina, Jack Gladstone, and many others. Many 1000s.

1830:           Bahamas: June. Pompey’s revolt, Exuma Island. 10s.

                   Tortola. April. Revolt of Lettsome slaves. 100s.

1831-32:      Jamaica: Christmas. “Baptist War” in western Jamaica, led by Samuel Sharpe and others. Many 1000s.

1831:           Antigua: Widespread unrest and arson after banning of the Sunday markets. 1000s.

                   Tortola: September. Islandwide slave plot led by Jacob Kierney and others. 100s.

1832-34:      Bahamas: Widespread unrest in Exuma, Eleuthera, Cat Islands. 100s.

1835.:          St. Kitts: Widespread unrest over apprenticeship. 1000s.

1837:           Trinidad: Daaga’s mutiny in the First West India Regiment. 100s.



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