Primary Texts in Göttingen:

Aikin, John, and  Anna Laetitia Barbauld. Evenings At Home Or, The Juvenile Budget
Opened : Consisting Of A Variety Of Miscellaneous Pieces for The Instruction And
Amusement Of Young Persons. Glasgow [u.a]: Griffin [u.a.], 1833.
Arnold, Samuel James. The creole: or, the haunted island. In three volumes. London: printed by C. Whittingham; for C. Law; Hookham; and Bell, 1796.
Bage, Robert. Mount Henneth : a novel, in a series of letters. Two volumes. London: printed for W. Lowndes, 1788. (269€)
Baillie, Joanna. "Rayner". Dramas: in three volumes. London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown Green & Longman, 1836. (284€)
Barbauld, Anna Laetitia. Hymns in prose for Children. Norwich: printed by John Trumbull, 1786. [Mikrofilm-Ausg.] (22,44€)
---. "Sins of Government, Sins of the Nation; or a Discourse for the Fast, appointed on April 19, 1793". The Works of Anna Laetitia Barbaul: in two volumes. Lucy Aikin. London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, 1825. (448€)

Barton, James. The remorseless assassin: or the dangers of enthusiasm. [Mikrofiche-Ausg.]
London : Hughes, 19XX. (II, 70-3)

Dudley, Sir H. Bate (Henry Bate). The blackamoor wash'd white. London: Cox and Bigg and
J. Corral, 1776.

Beattie, James. An Essay on the Nature and Immutability of Truth. 1770
Bedford, Thomas. The origin of our grievances: a sermon. By Thomas Bedford, M.A. London: printed for John Wilkie, and Thomas Durham, 1770. [Mikrofilm-Ausg.]
Bentley, Elizabeth. "On the Abolition of the African Slave Trade, July 1789". Genuine Poetical Compositions on Various Subjects. Norwich: Crouse and Stevenson, 1791.
---. "On Health and Liberty". Genuine Poetical Compositions on Various Subjects. Norwich: Crouse and Stevenson, 1791.
Benezet, Anthony. Notes on the slave trade. Philadelphia: Joseph Crukshank, 1781. [Mikrofiche-Ausg.]
---. Some historical account of Guinea: its situation, produce and the general disposition of its inhabitants. Philadelphia, 1772.
Berkeley Hall: or, the pupil of experience; a novel; in 3 vol. London: Lane and Newman, 1803.
Bisset, Robert. The History of the Negro Slave Trade… 1805
Blumenbach, Johann. Concepts of race in the eighteenth century: Vol. 5. Über die natürlichen Verschiedenheiten im Menschengschlechte. [Nachdr. der Ausg.] Leipzig 1798.
---. Handbuch der Naturgeschichte. 11. rechtmäßige Ausg. Göttingen: Dieterich, 1825. (140€)
Bonhote, Elizabeth. The Rambles of Mr. Frankly: in 4 Volumes. London: Lane, 1797. [Mikrofilm-Ausg.]
Bromley, Eliza. Laura and Augustus, an authentic story. London: W. Cass, 1784. England
Brougham, Henry. An inquiry into the colonial policy of the European powers. Edinburgh, 1803. (52,50€)
---. Thoughts on Negro Slavery.
Charke, Charlotte Cibber. The History of Henry Dumont and Miss Charlotte Evelyn. Consisting of a Variety of Entertaining Characters, and very Interesting Subjects. With Some Critical Remarks on Comick Actors. London: Printed for H. Slater, 1756. [Mikrofilm-Ausg.]
Cobbett, William. Cobbett's Parliamentary Debates (1804)
Coleridge, Henry Nelson. Six Months in the West Indies in 1825 . 3. ed. London: Murray, 1832. [Mikrofiche-Ausg.]. (80€)
Combe, William. The devil upon two sticks in England: being a continuation of 'Le diable boiteaux' of Le Sage. London : Sherwood, Neely, and Jones, 1811. [Mikrofiche-Ausg.] (45€)
Coventry, Francis. The History of Pompey the Little; or, The Life and Adventures of a Lap-Dog. London: Cooke, 1800. [Mikrofilm-Ausg.] (100€)
Cowles Prichard, James: Researches into the Physical History of Mankind: Researches into the History of the Asiatic Nations, Vol. 4s. 3. ed. 1844. (22,44€)
Cumberland, Richard. Henry: in 4 vol. London : Dilly, 1795.
---. John DeLancaster: a novel ; in 3 vol.London: Lackington, Allen, 1809. (17,50€/vol. I only)
Deverell, Mary. "On Reading the Poems of Phillis Wheatley". Miscellanies in Prose and Verse, mostly written in the Epistolary Style; chiefly upon Moral Subjects; and particularly calculated for the Improvement of Younger Minds. London: Printed for Mary Deverell by J. Rivington, 1781. [Mikrofilm-Ausg.]
Dibdin, Charles. Islanders. 1780. Wuppertal
Dubois, Edward. St Godwin: a tale of the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries. Ed. Robert Miles. (2nd edn, 1800), 2005.
Dudley, H. Bate. Airs, ballads, &c. in The blackamoor wash'd white. A new comic opera. As it will be performed this evening at the Theatre-Royal, Drury-Lane. London : Printed by Cox and Bigg, in the Savoy; and sold by J. Corral, Catherine-Street, Strand, 1776. [Mikrofilm-Ausg.]
Dunster, Charles. "St. James's Street", a poem : in blank verse. By Marmaduke Milton, Esq. London : printed for J. Debrett; and E. Harlow, 1790. [Mikrofilm-Ausg.].
Edgeworth, Maria. "Belinda". Tales and Novels. London: Bohn, Simpkin, Marshall and Co., 1874.
---. "The Good Aunt". Tales and Novels. London: Bohn, Simpkin, Marshall and Co., 1874.
---. "The Guardian". Comic Dramas in Three Acts. 2nd ed. corrected. London: R. Hunter, 1817.
---. Popular tales: in two volumes. London: Baldwin and Cradock, 1832.
Estwick, Samuel. Considerations on the Negro Cause. 2nd Ed. (73-4)
Falconbridge, Anna Maria. Two Voyages to the River Sierra Leone, During the Years 1791-1793. 3rd ed. London: Parsons, 1795. (13,46€)
Forster, Johann Reinhold. Observations made during a voyage round the world. Originally publ. London: Printed for G.Robinson, 1778. Honolulu, Hawai'i: Univ. of Hawai'i Press, 1996. (55€)
Geddes, Alexander. An apology for slavery; or, six cogent arguments against the immediate abolition of the slave-trade. London: printed for J. Johnson; and R. Faulder, 1792.
Goldsmith, Oliver. A history of the earth and animated nature; 1 (364)
Grainger, James: Considerations on slavery: In a letter to a friend. Nathaniel Appleton. Boston: printed and sold by Edes and Gill in Queen Street, 1767. [Mikrofiche-Ausg.]. (26,16€)
Harvey, William W. Sketches of Hayti : from the expulsion of the French, to the death of Christophe. London : Seeley, 1827. (44,88€)
Harwood, Thomas. The noble slave: a tragedy. Bury St. Edmund's: printed by J. Rackham,  London, 1788.
Helme, Elizabeth: Duncan and Peggy: a Scottish tale, in 2 vol. London: Bell, 1794. [Mikrofiche-Ausg.]
Henry Willoughby. A novel: In two volumes. London: printed for G. Kearsley, 1798.
Herder, Johann Gottfried. Werke. München: Hanser, 1984. (vols. from 5€)
Hofland, Barbara Hoole. Matilda; or, The Barbadoes Girl. London: Newman, 1816. [Mikrofiche-Ausg.]
Home, Henry. Sketches of the history of man; Vol. 1-4. Repr. of the 1778 ed. London: Routledge, Thoemmes Press, 1993.
Human vicissitudes : or, travels into unexplored regions . London : printed for G. G. and J. Robinson, 1798 [Mikrofilm-Ausg.]
Jamieson, John. "The sorrows of slavery, a poem. Containing a faithful statement of facts respecting the African slave trade." London : printed for J. Murray, 1789.

Jea, John. The Life, History and Sufferings of John Jea, the African Preacher. 1815. England
Johnstone, Charles. The history of John Juniper, Esq. alias Juniper Jack: Containing the birth, parentage, and education, ... of that most wonderful and surprizing gentleman.
London: printed for R. Baldwin, 1781.
Kilner, Dorothy. The Rotchfords : or, the friendly counsellor: designed for the instruction and amusement of the youth of both sexes. By M. P. In two volumes. London: printed and sold by John Marshall and Co., 1786. [Mikrofilm-Ausg.].  (133€)
Knox, William. Three tracts respecting the conversion and instruction of the free Indians and Negroe slaves in the colonies: Addressed to the venerable Society for Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, in the year 1768.
Laura and Augustus, an authentic story: in a series of letters, by a young lady. In three volumes. London : printed for W. Cass, 1784.
Lavallée, Joseph. The negro equalled by few Europeans. Dublin: P. Byrne, A. Grueber, W. Jones, and R. White, 1791.
Lawrence, William. Lectures on physiology, zoology and the natural history of man. London, 1822
Long, Edward. Candid reflections upon the judgement lately awarded by the Court of King's Bench : in Westminster-Hall, on what is commonly called the negroe-cause, by a planter. London : printed for T. Lowndes, 1772. [Mikrofilm-Ausg.] (48-9)
---. The history of Jamaica ; Vol. 1-3. London: T. Lowndes, 1774.
MacLaren, Archibald. The Negro slaves: or, the blackman and blackbird. London: printed for the author, by A. Macpherson, 1799.
Mackenzie, Anna Maria. Slavery, or The Times. Dublin: printed for Messrs. P. Wogan, P. Byrne, J. Moore, W. Jones, and J. Rice, 1793. [Mikrofilm-Ausg.]
Mackenzie, Henry. A Review of the Principal Proceedings of the Parliament of 1784. 1792
Macpherson, Charles. Memoirs of the life and travels of the late Charles Macpherson, Esq. in Asia, Africa, and America. Illustrative of manners, customs, and character. Edinburgh: printed [by John Brown] for Arch. Constable, and sold in London by Vernor and Hood, 1800.

Macready, William. The Irishman in London: or, the happy African (1793) England
Malthus, Daniel. Paul and Mary, an Indian Story. 1789. England
Martineau, Harriet. Demeraka: A Tale, Illustrations of Political Economy no. 4. London: Charles Fox, 1834.
---. The Hour and the Man: A Historical Romance. London: E. Moxon, 1841. (15,06€)
---. Women, emancipation and literature: the papers of Harriet Martineau 1802-1876. Reading: Matthew Publ., 1991.
Memoirs and opinions of Mr. Blenfield : By the Author of 'Tales of sympathy'. London: printed for W. Lane, 1790. [Mikrofilm-Ausg.]
Moore, John. Zeluco: various views of human nature, taken from life and manners, foreign and domest. London : Strahan [u.a.], 1786. (58€)
More, Hannah. Gift books, memoirs, pamphlets and cheap repository tracts. Marlborough: Matthew, 2004. [Mikrofilm-Ausg.]
---. The Black prince: a true story; being an account of the life and death of Naimbanna, an African king's son, who arrived in England in the year 1791, and set sail on his return in June 1793. Philadelphia: Printed by B. & J. Johnson, no. 147, High-Street, 1800. [Mikrofiche-Ausg.]
No abolition; or, an attempt to prove to the conviction of every rational British subject, that the abolition of the British trade with Africa for negroes, would be a measure as unjust as impolitic, fatal to the interest of this nation, ...London : printed for J. Debrett, 1789.
Moreton, J. B. Manners and customs in the West-India Islands: containing various particulars respecting the soil, cultivation, produce, trade, officers, inhabitants ... the treatment of slaves and the Slave-trade. London: Richardson, Gardner and Walter, 1790.
Mungo, (Padlock-Keeper of Drury Lane). The padlock open'd: or, Mungo's medley. Being a choice collection of the miscellaneous pieces in prose and verse, serious and comic, of Mungo the padlock-keeper of Drury Lane. London : printed for C. Corbett, 1771.
Peacock, Miss. The Creole. 1787.
Percival, Thomas. A father's instructions : consisting of moral tales, fables, and reflections; designed to promote the love of virtue, a taste for knowledge, and an early acquaintance with the works of nature. Richmond: Published by William Pritchard, 1800. (48,70€)
Pratt, Samuel J. Family secrets: literary and domest.; in 5 vol. London: Longman, 19XX. [Mikrofiche-Ausg.]
Robinson, Mary Darby. "The Negro Child"/"The Progress of Liberty." The Poetical Works of the Late Mrs. Mary Robinson including many Pieces Never Before Published. Vol.2/3. London: Richard Phillips, 1806. (22,44€ vol. 2)
---. "Captivity: A Poem." Poems: 1791. Oxford: Woodstock Books, 1994. (58,88€)
Rowe, Elizabeth. "Letters and Moral Entertaining". The Miscellaneous Works in Prose and Verse of Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe. London: Lintot, 1756.
Rowson, (Mrs.). The inquisitor; or, Invisible rambler : In three volumes. Philadelphia: Printed for Mathew Carey, bookseller, South Market Street, near Fourth, 1794.
Saint-Lambert, Jean-François de. Ziméo. 1771.
Scawen, John. Songs, chorusses, &c. in the opera of New Spain; or, love in Mexico.  London: printed for T. Cadell, 1790. (202,92€)
---. New Spain. 1790. England
Scott, Helenus. The adventures of an East-India rupee. Philadelphia: Robert Bell, 1783.
Scott, Mary. The Female Advocate: a poem occasioned by reading Mr. Duncombe's Feminead. [Repr. d. Ausg.] London: Joseph Johnson, 1774. Los Angeles: William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, University of California, 1984. (7,48€)
Scott, Walter. An apology for tales of terror. Kelso: printed at the Mail office, 1799.
Sharp, Granville. An essay on slavery: proving from Scripture its inconsistency with humanity and religion; in answer to a late publication, entitled, "The African trade for Negro slaves shewn to be consistent with principles of humanity, and with the laws of revealed religion.". Burlington: Printed and sold by Isaac Collins, 1773. [Mikrofiche-Ausg.]
---. Extract from a representation of the injustice and dangerous tendency of tolerating slavery, or admitting the least claim of private property in the persons of men in England. London, 1769. [Mikrofiche-Ausg.].
Sherwood, Mary Butt. Dazee, or the Recaptured Negro. 1822
Stanhope Smith, Samuel: Concepts of race in the ... / Vol. 6 / An essay on the causes of the variety of complexion and figure in the human species. [Nachdr. der Ausg.] 1788. - 2001
Starke, Mariana. The Widow of Malabar: a tragedy, as it is performed at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden. London: printed and published by J. Barker, 1799. [Mikrofilm-Ausg.] (163€)
Stockdale, Mary. "Fidèlle". Effusions of the Heart. London: John Stockdale, 1798. [Mikrofilm-Ausg.]
Summersett, Henry. Aberford: a novel; or what you will. London: printed for J. Hatchard; and Lee and Hurst, 1798. [Mikrofilm-Ausg.]
The Adventures of a Watch. 1788. England
The chances: or, nothing of the new school; [Mikrofiche-Ausg.] London: Cuthell and Martin, 19XX. (I, 134)
The fashionable tell-tale: containing a great variety of curious and interesting anecdotes of emperors, kings, ... poets, and players. London: R. Baldwin, in Paternoster-Row; J. Lewis, in Lincoln's-Inn Fields; T. Durham, at Charing-Cross; and A. Edwards, in New Bond-Street, 1778.
The posthumous daughter: a novel. In two volumes. London: printed and published by G. Cawthorn, 1797 [Mikrofilm-Ausg.]

The Trial of Robert Wedderburn for Blasphemy. 1824.

The Works of the Late Professor Camper, on the Connexion between the Science of anatomy and the Arts of Drawing, Painting, Statuary &c in two books. 1794
Thelwall, John. The daughter of adoption: a tale of modern times; in 4 vol. (1801). London: Phillips, 1920. [Mikrofiche-Ausg.]
Thicknesse, Philip. A year's journey through France, and part of Spain.
London : printed for Wn. Brown, 1789. (107€)
Thomas, Ann. Adolphus de Biron: A Novel, Founded on the French Revolution. Plymouth: P. Nettleton, 1795. [Mikrofilm-Ausg.]
Thompson, George. A sentimental tour, collected from a variety of occurrences, from Newbiggin, near Penrith, Cumberland, to London, ... and from London, to Newbiggin, ... By G. Thompson. Penrith: printed by Anthony Soulby, for the author: and sold by Crosby; Faulder; Anderson, London; and the booksellers, in general, 1798. [Mikrofilm-Ausg.]

Thompson, William, and Anna Wheeler. Appeal to One Half the Human Race, Woman, Against the Pretensions of the Other Half, Men, To Retain Them in Political, and Thence in Civil and Domestic, Slavery. 1825
Tomlins, Elizabeth Sophia. "The Slave". Tributes of Affection: with "The Slave"; and Other Poems. By a Lady: and Her Brother. London: H. and C. Baldwin, 1797. [Mikrofilm-Ausg.]
Tonna, Charlotte Elizabeth. The System: A Tale of the West Indies. London: Westley & Davis, 1827. [Mikrofiche-Ausg.] (179€)

Townley, James. High life below stairs: a farce. 1822.
Verhoeven, Wilhelmus Maria. Anti-Jacobin novel, Vol. 6: Berkeley Hall; or, The pupil of experience : (1796). London: Pickering and Chatto, 2005.
Wells, Helena. Letters on Subjects of Importance to the Happiness of Young Females, Addressed by a Governess to Her Pupils, Chiefly while they were Under Her Immediate Tuition: to Which are Added, Some Practical Lessons on the Improprieties of Language, and Errors in Pronunciation, which frequently occur in common Conversation. Ed. Helena Whitford. London : printed for L. Peacock; and W. Creech, Edinburgh, 1799. [Mikrofilm-Ausg.].
---. Constantia Neville; or, the West Indian. A novel in 3 vol. London: Cadell, jun. and Davies, 19XX. [Mikrofiche-Ausg.].
Wesley, John. Thoughts upon Slavery. London: printed by R. Hawes, 1774. [Mikrofilm-Ausg.]
West, Jane: The advantages of education; or the history of Maria Williams. A tale for very young ladies. 2 vol.. London: Longman and Rees, 19XX. [Mikrofiche-Ausg.]
White, Charles. Concepts of race in the eighteenth century, Vol.: An account of the regular gradation in man. [Nachdr. der Ausg.] London 1799. Bristol: Thoemmes, 2001. 
Wildman, Joseph: The force of prejudice: a moral tale, in two volumes. London: printed (by J. Barfield), for the author, and to be had of him, 1800. [Mikrofilm-Ausg.].
Williams, Helen Maria. Letters from France. Dublin : printed by J. Chambers, 1794. [Mikrofilm-Ausg.] (44€)
Wollstonecraft, Mary. The Female Reader: Thoughts on the education of daughters. Ed. Janet Todd. London: Pickering Press, 1989.
Zimao, the African. Transl. by Weeden Butler. London: Stockdale, 1807. [Mikrofiche-Ausg.]



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