Previous project

Our former FWF project SPEED (Spoken English in Early Dialects, 2006 - 2010) produced a functional beta online version of the nearly 5,000 pages of Joseph Wright's English Dialect Dictionary (EDD, 1898-1905). From the beginning of the project, the philological investigation of the EDD has been a major concern, aiming to gain new insights in some hitherto neglected branches of research on Late Modern English, Spoken English and English Dialectology.  Well over a dozen articles and a book based on EDD Online have been published by the Innsbruck project team within the last few years (or are about to be published). In the same period of time, we have delivered a similar number of project-related presentations at various international conferences. Moreover, our beta-version is already being used by hundreds of scholars all over the world, with quite a few publications announced or already written.

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