EDD Online (start: April 2011, finished April 2016)

Instead of the old beta version of the electronic EDD (SPEED), which is no longer available, please use EDD Online.


  • Director: Manfred Markus 
  • Deputy director: Reinhard Heuberger (2011 - 2014)
  • Scientific collaborator: Andrea Krapf
  • Local programmer: Joachim Masser; Martin Köll, Mag. Dr. Joseph Wang
  • Local advisers: Dr. Emil Chamson, Dr. Reinhard Heuberger
  • External programmers: Dr. Thomas Burch, University of Trier, Dr. Hans-Werner Bartz, University of Mainz


Project-related information:

Previous project

Aims of the present project

Data management plan


Conference activity

International cooperation

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