CISLE (Centre for the International Study of Literatures in English)

The Centre for the International Study of Literatures in English (CISLE) is an international network of scholars from all the world working in different areas of the wide field of Anglophone literatures.

Director: Prof. Wolfgang Zach, English Department, Innsbruck University

Dep. Director: Prof. Michael Kenneally, School of Irish Studies, Concordia University Montreal


Latest conferences:


CISLE Conference Montreal 2011: Call for submissions

CISLE Conference Montreal 2011: Conference Poster

International Symposium Innsbruck 2008: Conference Poster

CISLE Conference Barcelona 2007: Proceedings

CISLE Conference Barcelona 2007: Conference

CISLE Conference Innsbruck/Hall 2005: Proceedings

CISLE Conference Innsbruck/Hall 2005: Poster

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