Antipodean Childhoods: Growing up in Australia and New Zealand 

Innsbruck, Austria

Seminar: Friday 22 – Saturday 23 June 2007


The idea of childhood is necessarily dependant on some notion of 'otherness,’ which, in turn, is subject to special inflections in (post)colonial contexts. Whether in settler, migrant or indigenous communities, children tend to be ascribed a space of their own, mostly outside but never independent of that of adults. How do adults administer this space imaginatively and practically? How does this administration express itself in literature, the arts, film, education, legislation, politics, …? Which concepts of childhood underlie these expressions? What developments do they reflect? Which have they caused? How has the particular demographic composition and history of Australia and New Zealand affected such developments?

We encourage contributors to toy with a variety of angles as they place the antipodean child at the centre of their investigations.


Submission of abstracts by 31 March 2007


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Contact: Helga Ramsey-Kurz & Ulla Ratheiser 

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