Claudia Traxl

Claudia a teacher of English, Italian and Physical Education and has already taught for eight years, i.e. at a bilingual primary school in Innsbruck, at a middle school, at a polytechnic institute and for the last two years at a secondary school in Landeck. Due to her love for languages, she travelled abroad several times i.e. to Italy (Milan, Rome, Siena, Trento), Wales (Anglesey), England (Brighton, London, Norwich), to the USA (Boston) during the course of her studies at the teacher training college “KPH Edith Stein” in Stams, at the University of Innsbruck and during her work as a teacher. In doing so she gained teaching experience, established contact with partner schools, attended teacher training courses (i.e. CLIL) and worked as a course leader for summer language courses (Education First). She has recently moved to Bolzano and is living a multilingual reality. She is now starting a PhD in linguistics and media studies at the University of Innsbruck, and has become a member of the research team and is coordinating the research project MELA (Multilingual Ladin).


Mag. Claudia Traxl

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