Valentina Török

Valentina Török

... spent the first 18 years of her life in an area where being bi/multilingual is more the rule than an exception. Not until she moved to a predominantly monolingual region did she realize that in some areas being multilingual is perceived as something out of the ordinary.

After graduating with highest honors in English and American studies (see her published thesis here), Valentina joined the DYME team as a researcher in 2011.

Dissertation (completed 5/2017): Awareness and Consciousness in Multilingual Learners’ Strategies:  Approaching the M-Factor 






Areas of responsibility:

 - Project management:
   2. DyME-SEM
   3. SPIEL
   4. MELA

- "Mehrsprachigkeit als Chance. Theorie und Praxis"  symposium organisation (March 2014)


 Richard and Emmy Bahr-Stiftung award of excellence 2013



Török, Valentina; Jessner, Ulrike. "Multilingual awareness in Ln (foreign language) learners’ strategies and processing". Hungarian Journal of Applied linguistics 17.2 (2017): pp to be announced.örök_Ulrike.pdf

Jessner, U., Malzer-Papp, E. and V. Török. (2017). Paving a new way to literacy development in migrant children: A DMM perspective. (in prep.)

Török, Valentina and Ulrike Jessner. (2017). Multilingual awareness in Ln (foreign language) learners’ strategies and processing. Hungarian Journal of Applied Linguistics. (in prep.)

Jessner, Ulrike and Valentina Török.  (2017). Strategies in multilingual learning: Opening new research avenues. In: J. Navracsics and S. Pfenninger (eds). Implications for the future: Applied Linguistics Perspectives. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.




19th Summer School of Psycholinguistics
- Balatonalmádi, Hungary

title: “Paving a new way to lieracy development in migrant children: A DMM perspective”
(with Ulrike Jessner and Emese Malzer-Papp)


10th International Conference on Third Language Acquisition and Multilingualism
- Vienna, Austria 

title: “Building on the M-factor: Strategies in decoding an unknown language”
(with Ulrike Jessner)

18th Summer School of Psycholinguistics

- Balatonalmádi, Hungary

title: “Multilingual awareness in Ln learners’ strategies and processing”
(with Ulrike Jessner)


8th International Conference on Third Language Acquisition and Multilingualism
- Castelló de la Plana, Spain 

title: “Foreign Language Attrition and Multilingual Awareness”
(with Ulrike Jessner, Manon Megens, Kathrin Oberhofer)



SS 2018: Intercultural communication
WS 2017/18: Intercultural communication 
SS 2017: Intercultural communication
WS 2016/17: Intercultural communication
SS 2016: Intercultural communication
WS 2015/16: Intercultural communication


Contact info:

Mag. Dr. Valentina Török  

Forschungsgruppe DyME
Institut für Anglistik, Room: 40310
Innrain 52, 6020 Innsbruck  

Telefon  +43 512 507-4167  
Fax        +43 512 507-2882  

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