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Multilingualism: New study in Ladin kindergartens

School / Kulture | 15.05.2017 | 15:44

Starting in June, a study on multilingualism is carried out amongst Ladin kindergartens. Prof. Ulrike Jessner-Schmid presented the study to the Education Department.

The new study on multilingualism for Ladin kindergartens was presented in the Regional Department for Ladin School and Culture
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"MELA" (MEhrsprachig LAdinisch - multilingual Ladin) is the project's name which is going to start in June in kindergartens in Val Gardena and Val Badia. The comprehensive study which runs through five phases was developed by Professor Ulrike Jessner-Schmid from the Leopold Franzens University of Innsbruck. The project's aim which was presented in detail to the Ladin Education Department is to examine the children's linguistic competence already at a young age. The study pursues an integrated and holistic approach and orientates itself towards the theory of common underlying proficiency. The first findings of the study are supposed to be available until 2019. The project is funded by the Region Trentino-Alto Adige upon request of Florian Mussner, member of the Provincial Parliament. The section Innovation and Advice within the Regional Department for Ladin School and Culture, as well as the inspectorate and directorate of the Ladin kindergartens were trusted with the realisation of the study.


Ladin Kindergartens: Regional government funds study

On the suggestion of Guiseppe Detomas, the assessor responsible for minorities, the regional government agreed on a research project to be conducted at Ladin kindergartens involving multilingualism and language acquisition. For this, the regional government made 192.000 Euros available.

Regional assessor Detomas speaks of a pilot project on a European level: "The dynamic of multilingual children's language learning is studied and hence will serve a useful purpose for the research into multilingualism".

The Ladin education authority was the initiator of the project, wanting to expand the knowledge concerning language learning, multilingualism and language skills. The region's financed project is carried out over a time span of three years in collaboration with the department of English at the University of Innsbruck. Amongst others, especially for this project new study materials are created which are then employed in the kindergartens. Eight people in the course of the three years will accompany the project.


"Die deutsche Angst" / "The German fear" - Article in ff - The South Tyrolean weekly including an interview with Prof. Ulrike Jessner-Schmid


Interview with Prof. Ulrike Jessner-Schmid


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