land.schafft.sprache - tirol ist mehrsprachig


Tyrol is perhaps best known for its breath taking Alpine landscapes and for Innsbruck, the multi-faceted capital that is home to the University of Innsbruck, the biggest and most important research and educational facility in Western Austria. However, the role of Tyrol as a "land of many languages“ is unknown to most.

The exhibition ‘land.schafft.sprache - tirol ist mehrsprachig’ will be presented in spring of 2014 in the Barockkeller of the Imperial Palace (Kaiserliche Hofburg Innsbruck). It sheds light on the multilinguality of the city and allows visitors to take a closer look at the linguistic landscape of Innsbruck and Tyrol.

The exhibition documents multilinguality through demographic, economic, ethno-cultural and sociolinguistic facts with a special focus on Innsbruck and thus sensitizes people to the diversity of languages surrounding them. In addition, the exhibition provides information on general aspects of language and multilingualism and presents the current state of research in this field.

Migration and globalisation have contributed to the multilingual diversity of Innsbruck and Tyrol; multilingualism has in turn gained importance as a factor in minority policy and integration work. Through this exhibition, we hope to make visitors more aware of the presence of multilingualism in numerous aspects of their everyday lives, and to stimulate thought and discussion on language policy and a better multilingual coexistence.

The project ’land. schafft. sprache- tirol ist mehrsprachig’ is an initiative of the DYME research group (Dynamics of Multilingualism with English) at the University of Innsbruck, department of English Studies. Cooperation partners are the JUFF- Fachbereich Integration, Tyrol and the MA III Stadtplanung, Stadtentwicklung und Integration, Innsbruck.

The contents presented in the exhibition are based on the DYME group’s research focus, on contributions from students at the Department of English Studies and curatorial concepts, produced with and by students of architecture.

The exhibition design is planned and produced by a professional team of architects, together with architecture students at the University of Innsbruck, Institut für Experimentelle Architektur. Hochbau.

A multi-faceted education programme for Tyrolean pupils (all school-levels) and kindergarten kids as well as a varied framework programme, including workshops, an international symposium (Thursday, 27th of March, 2014) and a multilingual opening party (Friday, 21st of March, 2014), add a cultural finishing touch to the exhibition.

Aktion D. Swarovski KG 2013 - funding

The DyME project "land.schafft.sprache - tirol ist mehrsprachig" received the D. Swarovski KG 2013 funding. Congratulations!   



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