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Semester Dates and other Information

Winter Semester 2019/20
1 October 2019 – 2 February 2020

Summer Semester 2020
2 March 2020 – 27 June 2020

No lectures
public holidays

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Empfohlene Prüfungstermine für die Kommissionelle Diplomprüfung   

Begin of lectures summer semester 2020
2 March 2020

Course registration for all courses
Online Registration   starting 1 February 2020, 0000 to 21 February 2020, 2359
Course Program   


Kommissionelle Diplomprüfung

Information for students for the "Kommissionellen Diplomprüfung" with Prof. Gudrun Grabher, Prof. Mario Klarer, Prof. Christian Quendler   


Diplomarbeitsbetreuung bei Frau Prof. Gudrun Grabher

1. Richtlinien   
2. Merkblatt   
3. Titelblatt   


Examination Dates

ATTENTION: Due to the corona virus situation, oral exams on lectures and the reading list will only be offered to students who have verifiably fixed their exam date for the “Diplomprüfung” in the current semester and to BA students who will finish their studies during the current semester. Exam dates will be offered for June 2020. Exact dates will be announced later on. Should the situation improve so that oral exams can take place on the university campus, further exam dates will be offered. Erasmus and other visiting students should contact their professors.

Prof. Grabher (lecture exams and reading list exams)

The reading list has to be approved in Prof. Grabher's office hour (Tuesday 10.00 – 11.00).
Please use for the registration for the exams with Prof. Grabher the following form:
Registration form (Vorlesungsprüfungen Prof. Grabher) 

Exams (Prof. Grudrun Grabher)

Mon 22 June, Tue 23 June and Wed 24 June 2020
Registration: Wed 17 June 2020, 900 – 1230 a.m.
Reading list has to be approved by 09 June 2020! 

Mon 12 October and Wed 14 October 2020
Registration: Wed 7 October 2020, 900 – 1230 a.m.
Reading list has to be approved by 6 October 2020! 

Mon 23 November and Wed 25 November 2020
Registration: Wed 18 November 2020, 900 – 1230 a.m.
Reading list has to be approved by 17 November 2020! 

Mon 25 January, Tue 26 January and Wed 27 January 2021
Registration: Wed 20 January 2021, 900 – 1230 a.m.
Reading list has to be approved by 19 January 2021! 

Registration form (Vorlesungsprüfungen Prof. Grabher)

Exams (Prof. Christian Quendler)

Next expected exam date: Mon, 29 June and Tue 30 June 2020
Registration: Wed, 24 June 2020, 900 – 1200 Uhr
Reading list has to be approved by 01 April 2020 per email

Registration form (Vorlesungsprüfungen Prof. Quendler) 

Exams (Prof. Mario Klarer)

The exams for 610.001 Introduction to Literary Studies (Prof. Klarer) will be held as eExam: 
Place: Maximilianstraße 2 (Alte Hauptpost), Bauteil A, 1st floor, room 4A-135

Estimated date for the 3rd exam - winter term 2019/20 and for the 1st exam - summer term 2020:
Mon 28 September, 2020

930 – 1000am, eExam-room, Maximilianstraße
Registration lfu:online: 01 September - 23 September, 2020


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