Cinema Corner

Wednesdays at 4pm in the Coffee Room
(Innrain 52, Geiwi Tower 3rd floor, 40332)

The American Corner Innsbruck presents weekly showings of major films and documentaries from all periods of cinema history. Each showing is closely linked to the concepts and themes of a course currently taught at the Department of American Studies.

For legal reasons specified in our licensing contract, we are not allowed to display the titles of the films on this homepage, thus only the title of the course that the film fits into is listed. Information about the films shown can be obtained from the Department of American Studies.

January 7, 2015
SE 610.024 Recording Everyday Life (Instructor: Christian Quendler)

January 14, 2015
PS 610.006 Pirates of the Mediterranean (Instructor: Tobias Auböck)

January 21 , 2015
PS 610.013 The Poetics of American Cinema (Instructor: Johannes Mahlknecht)

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