Diploma theses/MA theses
1977 to 1990

(this list is not exhaustive)


Heis, Gabriele. The Revolt of the Mothers in the Short Stories of Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, 1990. (Scheer)

Pfurtscheller Andrea. Characterization in Philip Roth's Zuckerman-Trilogy and The Counterlife, 1990. (Heller)

Schrattenecker-Maier, Anita. Book of Trances. An Analysis, 1990. (Scheer)

Wolfmeyer, Hildegard. Angela Davis: An Autobiography, 1990. (Heller)

Wolfmeyer, Monika. Precursors of the Harlem Renaissance; Booker T. Washington, W. E. B. DuBois, and James W. Johnson, 1990. (Heller)

Wohlfahrter, Klaus. Italian American Immigration and Acculturation in an Intercultural Perspective. An Analysis of Three Films – Good Morning, Babylon; Sacco and Vanzetti; Matewan, 1990. (Heller)


Bechter, Klaudia. Joyce Carol Oates, Marriages and Infidelities, 1989. (Heller)

Böckle, Carmen. The Problem of Blackness in the Essays of James Baldwin and Eldridge Cleaver, 1989. (Heller)

Dorner, Oswald. The Reflection of the American 1960s, 1989. (Heller)

Leitner, Miryam. Rebecca Harding Davis: "Life in the Iron Mills", 1989. (Scheer)

Lercher, Christina. Black Woman's Autobiography: Maya Angelou and Anne Moody, 1989. (Heller)

Mayer, U. Moral and Religíous Development in John Updike's Rabbit Trilogy, 1989. (Heller)

Podgortnik, Günter . The Gay Coming-Out Novel in American Fiction, 1989. (Heller)

Taschler, Helga. Postmodern Fiction and the American Tradition, 1989. (Heller)


Dlaska, Andrea. Alice James - Life and Work, 1988. (Scheer)

Götz, Sabine. Cross-Cultural Stereotypes in Contemporary British and American Novels, 1988. (Heller)

Ilg, Angelika. Overcoming Victimization in Contemporary Women's Novels, 1988. (Heller)

Kallenberg-Schröder, Andrea. The Presentation of Family in Arthur Miller's Plays, 1988. (Heller)

Moshammer, Katharina. Novel into Film: John Steinbeck's East of Eden, 1988. (Heller)

Pisek, Karin. Eco-Feminism and 20th Century American Litertature, 1988. (Heller)

Pressler, Jenny. The Handmaid's Tale. An Analysis, 1988. (Scheer)

Röthlin-Mair, Ursula. The Theme of Violence in Contemporary Women's Novels, 1988. (Heller)

Trafoier, Martin. The Role of "Fallen Women" in Victorian Society, 1988. (Scheer)

Vogt, Elke. The Double View of the Future in Urusla LeGuin's Novels, 1988. (Heller)


Donnenberg, G. The Prose Fiction of Cynthia Ozick, 1987. (Heller)

Hanschitz, Birgit. Black Feminine Experience in Maya Angelou's Autobiographical Works, 1987. (Scheer)

Jäger, Claudia. A Quest for Black Female Identity: Maya Anglou's Autobiography, 1987. (Heller)

Laimer, Anna. Alice Munro: Themes and Techniques in the Short Stories, 1987. (Scheer)

Porsche, J. Power Structure, Sexual Politics, and Human Relations in Contemporary American Women's Novels, 1987. (Heller)

Reck, Michael. V.S. Naipaul's Travel Books, with Special Consideration of The Middle Passage and Among the Believers, 1987. (Scheer)

Somavilla, Ilse. Social Patterns in Southern Africa with Special Reference to Doris Lessing's Novel The Grass is Singing, 1987. (Scheer)

Silvestri, A. Feminine Identity and Autobiographical Writing in Marylin French's The Womens' Room, 1987. (Heller)

Steck. K.H. Upton Sinclair's View of American Society in the Early Twentieth Century, 1987. (Heller)

Thurnher, Ch. . The Oppressed Oppressor: Black Male Consciousness in Alice Walker's Novels, 1987. (Heller)


Egle, H. Mordecai Richter, 1986. (Heller)

Fatul, K. Double Marginality in Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye, 1986. (Heller)

Felber, D. The Prison as Reality and Symbol in John Cheever's Falconer, 1986. (Heller)

Herburger, Chritine. Margaret Fountaine. Love Among the Butterflies. An Analysis, 1986. (Scheer)

Ladstätter, Maria. "We are a Transitional Generation". U.S. Women Writers of the 1960's and 1970's and the Question of Self-Awareness. Roles and Relationships II, 1986. (Scheer)

Mauracher, Brigitte. V.S. Naipaul. A Bend in the River. An Analysis, 1986. (Scheer)

Pöder, Elfriede. Symbolic Systems and the Meaning of Life in Virginia Woolf's The Waves, 1986. (Scheer)

Widnman, M. The Theme of Madness in Contemporary Am.Women's Literature, 1986. (Heller)


Böhler, Gabriele. The Development of Feminist Thought in the Works of Betty Friedan, 1985. (Scheer)

Danler, Paul. Harper Lee: To Kill a Mockingbird. An Analysis of Its Main Features, 1985. (Scheer)

Mayr, S. James Baldwin's and Alice Walker's Socio-Linguistic Messages and their Translatability, 1985. (Heller)

Schilcher, Verena. The Devlopment of Imagery in Adrienne Rich's Later Poetry, 1985. (Scheer)

Wiesner, J. Gerald Vizenor's Ceremonial Myths and Metaphors in the Anishinabe Oral Tradition, 1985. (Heller)

Wolf, Anita. Aspects of Cumming's Criticism.(A Study of E.E. Cummings' Technique and Its Critical Response), 1985. (Scheer)


Danko, Gunar:. The World According to Garp - Writing about Being a Writer, 1984. (Scheer)

Fink, Ingeborg. "We are a Transitional Generation" U.S. Women Writers of the 1960's and 1970's and the Question of Self-Awareness. Roles and Relationships, 1984. (Scheer)

Gärtner, Hildegard. Stereotypes in the Novels of Terry Southern, 1984. (Scheer)

Hosp, Gerhard. Robert Penn Warren, A Place to come to and All the King's Men. A Comparison, 1984. (Scheer)

Nägele, Ingrid. Joan Didion's Novels: The Breakdown of Traditional Myths and Values in American Society, 1984. (Scheer)

Naschberger, L. Black American English, 1984. (Heller)

Pisek, Gerhard. The Factory of Broken Dreams: An Analysis of Terry Southern's Blue Movie, 1984. (Scheer)

Ritter, Heidrun. Das Verhalten des Westernhelden am Beispiel zweier Filme: "Stagecoach" und "The Shootist", 1984. (Scheer)

Spanyar, Gisela. An Aspect of the US Religious Scene: Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and His Neo-Sannyas Movement, 1984. (Scheer)

Wastlbauer, Hedwig. The Novels of Isaac Bashevis Singer: The Dichotomy of Human Experience, 1984. (Scheer)


Amesberger, Raimund. The Concept of Identity in Selected Novels of Saul Bellow, 1983. (Scheer)

Bock, N. Eine Übersetzungskritik der Dialoge im Roman Babitt von Sinclair Lewis, 1983. (Heller)

Gärtner, Reinhold. Joseph Heller, Something Happened: An Analysis, 1983. (Scheer)

Gilli, Gabriele. The Theme of Immigration in Studs Terkel's American Dream, Lost and Found, 1983. (Scheer)

Gmeiner, Wolfgang. Puritanism in John Updike's Fiction, 1983. (Scheer)

Heel, Marietta. Expansion as Development, Principle in the Works of Toni Morrison,1983. (Scheer)

Mayr, Isabelle. Adrienne Rich: Poems 1950-1974: The graph of a process still going on, 1983. (Scheer)

Putzl, Sonja. John Cheever, Short Stories, 1983. (Scheer)

Obereder, Andrea. John Knowles, A Separate Peace: An Analysis, 1983. (Scheer)

Schopper, Siegfried. M.Drabble, The Ice Age: An Analysis, 1983. (Scheer)

Walkner, D. Deficiences of Literary Translation, 1983. (Heller)


Baum, Martina. Life versus Death: A Theme in John Uptike's Work, 1982. (Scheer)

Berchtold, Helene. The Poetry of Nikki Giovanni, 1982. (Scheer)

Berchtold, Raimund. To be Young, Female and Black: Black Girls in the Fiction and Autobiographies by Black Women Writers, 1982. (Scheer)

Bernauer, Brigitte. Illusion as an Escape from Reality: Three Novels by Carson McCullers, 1982. (Scheer)

Künz, Renate. Victims and Victimizers in Margaret Atwood's The Edible Woman and Surfacing, 1982. (Scheer)

Madlener, Hugo. Joyce Carol Oates: Bellefleur. An Interpretation, 1982. (Scheer)

Mair, Verena. New Concepts of Sexuality in the Science Fiction of Ursula Le Guin, Joanna Russ, Frederik Pohl, Robert Silverberg, 1982. (Scheer)

Wilhelm, Edith. Early American Feminism as Reflected in Three Feminists' Autobiographies: 1880-1920, 1982. (Scheer)


Achhorner, Birgitt. Joyce Carol Oates, Crossing the Boarder. A Collection of Interrelated Short Stories, 1981. (Scheer)

Höllwerth, Elisabeth. Radical Feminist Theory in the 1970's, 1981. (Scheer)

Moser, Susanne. Innovative Aspects of the Short Story: Examples of Experimental Short Fiction, 1981. (Scheer)

Pribil, Verena. R.P. Warren: A Place to Come To. An Analysis. The Importance of Identity, 1981. (Scheer)

Zborowicz, E., The Relationship Between Literature and Culture in Teaching American Studies, 1981. (Heller)


Aigner ,Christa. Married Women and Sexuality in the Short Stories of Joyce Carol Oates, 1980. (Scheer)

Feiersinger, Georg. The Aspect of Success in the Work of Upton Sinclair, 1980. (Scheer)

Grabher, Gudrun. Transcendence by Feeling - Transcendential Immanence as a holistic principle of Asiatic Philosophy, applied to Emily Dickinson's Poetry, 1980. (Scheer)

Mair, Christian. Art versus Journalism: A Dichotomy in the Realistic Fiction of Social Criticism, 1980. (Scheer)

Oberhofer, Lee Anne. A.Miller The Crucible The Puritan Perspective, 1980. (Scheer)

Scheffknecht, Claudia. From Idealism to Disillusionment and Radicalism, Exemplified in the Transformation of the Individual, 1980. (Scheer)


Bischof, Günter. An Example of the "Neo Non-Fiction" of the US in the 1960's: The Writings of Tom Wolfe, 1979. (Scheer)

Hammerle, Maria. Terror and Related Effects in Five Short Stories by Edgar Allan Poe, 1979. (Scheer)

Roßmann, Kai. Study of Literature, Philosophy of Literature, and their Compatibility with the Term "Science", 1979. (Scheer)

Silberberger, Eva. A Formal Approach to Donald Barthelme's Short Stories, 1979. (Scheer)

Slamanig, Ursula. Folkloric Elements in Ralph Ellison's Work, 1979. (Scheer)

Steinacker, Wiltrud. Tolkien's The Habbit: Questions of Literary Genre, 1979. (Scheer)

Zellinger, Petra. The Critical Reception of W. Styron's The Confession of Nat Turner, 1979. (Scheer)


Rosenkranz, Christian. Black Identity in the Works of Malcolm X and Alex Haley, 1978. (Scheer)

Söllwanger, Hans. The Role of the Past in Sarah Orne Jewett's Works of Fiction, 1978. (Scheer)


Friedbichler, Michael. The Role of Paranoia in the Thematic Patterns of Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49, 1977. (Scheer)

Hofstätter, Elfi. Edna Pontellier's Search for Identity in Kate Chopin's The Awakening, 1977. (Scheer)

Natter, Bernhard. That Was the Affluence That Was: Reflection of British Society in the Early Plays of Arnold Wesker, 1977. (Scheer)

Payr, Heinrich. War in Hemingway's Writing, 1977. (Scheer)

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