American Corner Innsbruck

    “Talking Taxes!”

    Wednesday, March 13th, 11.30

    Türingsaal, Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse 3, 1st floor up

    This event was organized and paid for by the Austro-American Society/Tirol, but jointly promoted by the American Corner Innsbruck, which receives inquiries on this topic.  Of great concern currently not only to U.S. citizens living abroad, but also to their European spouses and children with dual citizenship, are the issues and policies regarding the mandatory filing of tax returns in the U.S., even for those who have no U.S. income and no U.S. tax liability (other than filing), and the FATCA requirements for foreign bank acoount disclosures. Director of the Geneva-based organization American Citizens Abroad, Jackie Bugnion, gave an informative workshop-style session for 25 Austrian and U.S. citizens.  She outlined current and proposed policies and gave helpful advice as to what U.S. citizens and their families living abroad can/should be doing.