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    Project Days with BORG Innsbruck


    February 3-5, 2010, American Corner Innsbruck, University of Innsbruck

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    Following the premiere of our video conference, the American Corner made its debut in a different field by hosting its first project together with the BORG Innsbruck from February 3 to February 5.

    After a brief introduction to the activities and aims of the Corner, the Center for Inter-American Studies, and the Canadian Studies Center the thirty pupils of the BORG Innsbruck faced their first task, a treasure hunt, which required them to answer ten questions revolving around American history, geography, and popular culture. This activity was followed by a presentation on the development of the U.S. from colony to superpower and a talk on stereotypes Austrians associate with Americans and vice versa. As the final activity of the day, the pupils had the chance to ask three American volunteers about their experiences of life in the United States and in Austria.

    The second day of the project began with a little quiz in which the pupils could show their knowledge of American icons and culture in general, followed by presentations on the history of animated film and the African American road from slavery to presidency. The conclusion to Thursday’s program was provided by Meg White from the U.S. Embassy in Vienna, who explained the work of the Embassy and talked about international relations.

    On Friday the pupils were given their final task, as they were required to form groups and create a newspaper, with each group contributing an article on a specific topic relating to the topics dealt with during the two previous days. Despite the fact that it was their last day of school before the well-earned midterm holidays, the pupils stayed focused and interested, producing a creative brochure of their three-day experience with the American Corner.

    The American Corner team would like to thank everyone who contributed to this project and made it a unique experience, especially Meg White, Sonja Bahn, and Erwin Feyersinger for their lectures, as well as native speakers and volunteers Allen Evans, Abby Altman, and Nathan Smith.

    (Text: Andreas Leisner)

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    Students visiting and working at the American Corner Innsbruck

    A short visit at the Center for Canadian Studies (Simone Jörg)


    Discussion groups with native speakers Allen, Nathan, and Abby

    Lectures and quizzes at the Department of American Studies (Meg White, U.S. Embassy Vienna)

    Projet group work: Students edit a magazine


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