American Corner Innsbruck

    Viewings of the NFL New Orleans Saints Games

    The American Corner Innsbruck together with the Alumni of the UNO exchange program show the early games of the New Orleans Saints at the Coffeeroom of the American Studies Department. This is done in order to get people connected to American Football and familiarize them with the rules of the game, as well as the culture behind it. The Saints were chosen in order to catch the interest of those who visited the UNO as well as those who came on exchange in future, past and present.

    On Sunday nights, when the Saints play at 7pm GMT+1 the American Corner Staff meets with the audience to watch and discuss the game, as well as various other topics to do with the NFL, players, teams, the industry and many more.

    The Coffeeroom is a perfect location for these viewings, as it is supplied with a projector, a nice sound system and is easily accessible for students and people without a connection to the University.

    The crowd varies greatly but includes amongst others teachers of the University alongside students from both Austria and the States, aficionados of the game, and friends who just tagged along.

    Here some pictures of one of the Sundays in October:

     NFL 1

    NFL 2