American Corner Innsbruck

    "New Orleans. Creolization and All That Jazz"
    Lecture by em. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Berndt Ostendorf

    17 July, 16:00
    Claudiasaal, Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 3

    For 45 enthusiastic America/Louisiana/New Orleans fans, the talk and book presentation by Prof. em. Dr. Berndt Ostendorf on "New Orleans. Creolization and All That Jazz" was enough of an enticement to lure them away from the temptations of local pools and lakes on a bistering afternoon to come to the historic Claudia Saal in the Innsbruck Old Town for some fascinating and highly informative insights into this unique and complex American city. The appearance of Prof. Ostendorf's book comes at a particulary fortuitious time: Innsbruck, sister city of New Orleans, is currently celebrating its annual summer New Orleans Festival and the University of New Orleans' annual International Summer School is currently in session with 273 students in Innsbruck. Following the talk, there was a casual reception and book signing by Prof. Ostendorf.

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