American Corner Innsbruck

    American Roots-Mix Music Workshop with "Joy Kills Sorrow"

    12 October 2012, BORG Innsbruck

    The U.S. roots-music band Joy Kills Sorrow gave a "conversation concert" to a full performance hall of some 110 pupils and teachers of music and English at the BORG Musikgymnasium Innsbruck.  The band played samples of their work, which they write largely themselves, demonstrating great instrumental skill on the mandolin, bass, guitar and in vocals. In between numbers, they spoke to the audience about American bluegrass/old-time music, the connection with music from the British Isles, and how they have incorporated elements of jazz and popular music to come up with their own unique sound, while remaining true to the American roots.  At the specific request of one of the teachers, the group discussed what it was like for them to live a life of touring as professional musicians who have chosen to make music their livlihood. In leaving, a pupil overheard speaking to his teacher summed things up with one word:  "Awesome"

    Joy Kills Sorrow 01

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