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    The BigBandBORG plays the music of Miles Davis
    Workshop with the H3 musicians

    Thanks to the brilliant contacts of the Jazz musician from Innsbruck Roland Heinz, I was able to hire his H3 band colleagues for a two-day workshop at the BORG Fallmerayerstraße this year.

    Even an audience who only knows jazz by hearsay will probably know the name Miles Davis. If you'd condense jazz history to a few names, Miles Davis would definitely be categorized with names like Louis Armstrong, John Coltrane and Charlie Parker. The climax of Miles Davis's career constitutes the time when "Tutu", the biggest-selling jazz album in history, was made.

    At that time, Adam Holzman was the musical director and the keyboarder of the Miles-Davis-Band. I am therefore all the more happy that Adam Holzman agreed to organize a workshop for the pupils of the BORG.

    Jeff Hirshfield, the drummer, is also quite an illustrous figure in the history of jazz for the past decades. Considering he appears as the front (or sideman) on 300 CDs and that he is the favorite drummer of quite a few internationally acclaimed jazz musicians, his achievements speak for themselves.
    It would take up too much space and would almost result in a listing of the who is who of jazz if I wanted to point out all well-known names with whom Jeff Hirshfield or Adam Holzman have already shared the studio or the stage.

    (Dr. Alois Wechselberger)