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    Fireside Chat with US Embassy’s Deputy Cief of Mission Lee Brudvig

    On Wednesday, November 12, the ACI was please to host an exclusive and personal “fireside chat” with one of the United States Embassy’s highest officials: Mr. Lee Brudvig, Deputy Chief of Mission, along with his wife Mrs. Brudvig. Also present was Mag. Karin Schmid-Gerlich, the Cultural Specialist for Exchanges from the Public Affairs Section at the U.S. Embassy. In the seminar, kitchen and reception area of the Claudiana 18 students from the Model United Nations organization and the ACI Innsbruck gathered with these distinguished officials to inform themselves, discuss and debate the results and possible effects of the recent Mid-term Elections in the U.S. It was a very informative and rousing exchange indeed. Mr. Brudvig's comments and the ensuing discussion covered not only the Mid-Term Elections, but also spanned many other topics of U.S. politics and current issues. A pleasant reception was held after and welcomed all to stay and chat further, which proved to be quite beneficial as the topic of U.S. politics lingered strongly in the air long after our distinguished guests had said their goodbyes.

    Fireside Chat with Lee Brudvig 12.11.14 1

    Fireside Chat with Lee Brudvig 12.11.14 2

    Fireside Chat with Lee Brudvig 12.11.14 3

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