American Corner Innsbruck

    eLibrary USA

    Monday, June 16, 5-7pm

    Mr John D’Amicantonio, Information Resource Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Vienna, visited Innsbruck and kindly agreed to hold another workshop on eLibrary USA at in the Türingsaal at the Claudiana. This is also where the American Corner Office is located.

    eLib 16.6. 1

    eLibrary USA is an online research facility, that grants acess to over 20 databases. The databases include information on for example English language learning, American history and culture, geography, literature and multiple other subjects.

    Mr D’Amicantonio taught the audience, consisting of students, teachers, and others, to use the databases, do meaningful research, and find specific information.

    eLib 16.6. 3

    He started off by using „ocean acidification“ as a search term, due to it’s immediate relevance and then went on to guide the participants in searches about topics of their own choosing. The pariticipants had been giving temporary training passwords for the time and had time to try out eLibrary USA. This lead to more questions and answers.

    eLib 16.6. 4

    eLib 16.6. 5

    The participants were then invited to sign up for their very own, password protected account with eLibrary USA, which one can only get by participating in one of the workshops offered by the American Corner Innsbruck (or other institutions like these). For more information, please contact the American Corner Insbruck via e-mail, phone, or facebook.

    The participants were then invited to come to the American Corner Office to look through the materials provided there.

    The ACI team was very happy with the turnout and is, as always, thankful for the opportunity to work with John D’Amicantonio.