American Corner Innsbruck

    "Do A Roux" Gambo Workshop

    with Chef Joshua Galliano from the Libertine in St. Louis, Tuesday, October 21 2014, 5-9pm

     Do A Roux 21.10.14 1

    15 very lucky, learn- and stomach-hungry ACI guests and Austro-American society members had the privilege to watch and listen to award-winning American chef Joshua Galliano as he demonstrated the making of an authentic chicken and sausage gumbo--starting with the essential "first you make a roux" step.  We learned, however, that there are many types of gumbo, and that gumbo can even be made without a roux.  No matter--we did the roux.  Gumbo is one of the staples of Louisiana cuisine, influenced by the multi-cultural mix which is one of the unique things about Louisiana and the New Orleans area. We learned about "Cajun" and "Creole", where they converge and where they differ.  Josh, a former James Beard scholarship culinary student and Commander's Palace "graduate", now runs his own acclaimed St. Louis restaurant the Libertine.  He worked and explained in a calm, unruffled, gracious and enthusiastic manner--despite the limited space and amenities of the American Corner kitchen area, and despite having just flown in the the U.S. on his way to a major food event in Italy. The results were enjoyed by all!  On a very personal note: Joshua Galliano is the husband of a beloved former student of ACI director Margaret Davidson.  Josh and Audra met when both worked at the famous Commander's Palace in New Orleans, and this is their first visit back to Innsbruck since Audra left some 12 years ago.  It was a wonderful reunion for Margaret and a terrific cultural and culinary event all around.  For more information on Joshua Galliano and the Libertine, see the following links:

    Do A Roux 21.10.14 2

    Here is what Audra had to say about the night on her homepage:

    Discussing Slow Foods and connecting their philosophy to The Libertine, our CSA, and mid-Western US cuisine; together we made a big pot of gumbo at an American cultural event in the Tirolean Alps of Austria. 
    Just like how in NYC, Joshua got to give back to the JB Organization for giving him a scholarship which helped get him into cooking, I finally got to check in with what inspired me to enroll in university and continue my adventures abroad and eventually into New Orleans. 
    Life has taken us both on an incredible journey, and last night I thanked my long time mentor and friend Dr Margaret F. Davidson for helping me along the way. It was a very special, "If it wasn't for her", moment. I'm so grateful for all that the AAS & UNO - AYA has done for me, the students, and for American's living outside the US. A very fun and special night to remember!

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