American Corner Innsbruck

    Blues Night with Spencer Bohren

    Wednesday, March 4, 8pm, Bierstindl Innsbruck

    The American Corner Innsbruck was very proud to co-sponsor Spencer Bohren’s concert at the Bierstindl in Innsbruck. “Spencer Bohren’s music resonates with the ambience of the rivers, roads, and bayous of the American South. He has a marvelous gift for sharing his great love for America’s wealth of traditional folk, blues, gospel and country music with audiences of all ages. “ – is what was promised on his homepage. And he delivered. The audience of 64 young and old, from students to retired people, was amazed when he announced that because of a malfunctioning microphone he would have to do the first set with only his guitar, his lapsteel and his beautiful voice. This made the concert that much more intimate. Mr. Bohren not only played songs from his new album, which he admitted he was only learning how to play now, but also things he had written earlier and rather well known songs. The way he interpreted all of the songs was unique and only as Spencer Bohren can do the. As he has 30 more concerts to play in Europe before going back to the US, he was very happy to have the microphone working after the break. With the combination of anecdotes he told and the songs he played, Spencer took the audience on a journey form New Orleans, where he has lived the last 30 years, and the Bayou, all the way to “the former east” of Germany. Spencer Bohren is an extraordinary musician and we hope to welcome him back to Innsbruck some time in the near future. Below you can see some impressions of the gig.

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