American Corner Innsbruck

    BFI meets ACI

    Meet and greet at the American Corner Office
    June 27, 11 am - 1 pm

    Ms Maria Hitzginger, trainer at the BFI in Innsbruck, came for another visit with one of her groups. This was a group of beginners that was introduced to what the American Corner Innsbruck does and shown around the office space.

    BFI/ACI 2.1

    The group of nine was then split in two to either do a quiz on America, including information such as when Thanksgiving takes place in the U.S., how long the term of office is for any U.S. President and how he is elected, what the addition "DC" in Washington DC stands for, and a lot more. Or they were introduced to the ACI's homepage, shown online English learning platforms and games, and itroduced to eLibrary USA. They were invited to sign up for the next workshop for eLibrary USA as well as our newsletter. They were then asked to switch around and do the other mini workshop.

    BFI/ACI 2.2

    BFI/ACI 2.4

    The groups were then assisted in finding information material in our collection, according to their personal interests. To round it all off, the common space at the Claudiana was reserved for them to do some more work on the U.S. such as a quiz on the names of the 50 states.

    BFI/ACI 2.6


    The learners seemed to enjoy the 2 hour workshop and are welcome back to the corner any time. Ms Hitzginger is welcome to expand her cooperation with the ACI and we hope to do many more of these workshops together. 

    BFI/ACI 2.3