Multi Non-Linear Structural Condition Modelling Simulation
and Assessment

Our entire Infrastructure is aging. Assessment on its function is most important for their management. Since the collapse of the Reichsbrücke in Vienna on 1st of August 1976 Central Europe has been leading world wide in bridge assessment. After the collapse of the Mississippi Bridge on 1st of August 2007 it became obvious that it is high time for a next generation of high-tech computer based systems to support the managers of our infrastructure which are confronted with shrinking budgets. MIMOSA is determined to develop the necessary models to allow online updating of the multi non linear behavior of our infrastructure. The product will be a Decision Support System able to provide the managers of the infrastructure with all necessary information to carry out their job and to optimize the economic side of this exercise.

VCE Vienna Consulting Engineers; University of Tokyo: Department of Civil Engineering 

Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft mbH (FFG)


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