Gabriela GOJA

Investigations to the prediction of vibrations induced by tram traffic (in German)

This master thesis deals with vibration predictions in the soil caused by tram traffic. In particular, the decrease of the vibration amplitudes with increasing distance from the source due to geometric damping is studied. For this purpose, open-field measurements were conducted in Berlin and Chemnitz and the results analyzed. The velocity amplitudes decrease at different rates in both measurements, and the frequency content also differs. The decrease of the vibration amplitudes of the measurements in comparison with the prognosis method according to DIN4150-1 does not correspond to the expected values for geometric damping. The soil properties have a large influence on the measured results. The prognosis method is based on a solution for plane wave propagation in the elastic half-space. It applies to velocity amplitudes while displacement amplitudes are eommonly investigated in analytical solutions. Therefore, an analytical solution is used to investigate the extent to which geometric decay-functions for displacements and velocities differ. Analytical solutions for the wave propagation in the elastic half-space due to impulsive excitation at the surface are evaluated, derived for the velocities and compared with the prediction method. The analytical solution shows a clear time dependence of the wave propagation at the surface, and thus the velocity amplitudesolutionfunction decreases differently compared to the displacement amplitudes.



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