Markus Florian BAUER

Bending and torsional vibrations of railway bridges induced by high-speed trains

This thesis deals with railway bridges, which are excited to vibrations when crossed by high-speed trains. Increasing travel speeds may induce resonance phenomena, which cannot be captured appropriately with a static structural analysis even in combination with dynamic load factors. Multi-track bridges are subjected eccentric crossing trains, and thus, excited not only to bending vibrations but also to torsional vibrations, or in special cases, to coupled bending-torsional vibrations.

In the scope of this master thesis the influence and contribution of torsional vibrations on the global dynamic response behavior is investigated. In this respect, the design of the bridge cross-section plays an important role. The numerical response predictions are conducted by means of simple beams models and by means of more sophisticated special finite element models. In particular, the accuracy of the results based on the simple models is evaluated.



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